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Sometimes in life when you are seeking direction you need to just be quiet. You need to rest your mind and once your mind is still you can hear God speak. Be open to desiring God’s will for your life and let that be the only thing you seek.

Once your mind is still and your spirit is quiet the warmth of peace will wrap around you like a blanket and everything you have been wondering about will be crystal clear.

So today before you speak one more complaint or one more word of belief just shhhhhh. If you are quiet God will surely speak.

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London Bridge….

To hear of the tragedy that happened on the London bridge today was devasting. It took me back to my child hood and one of my favorite nursery rhymes was London Bridge is Falling Down. When I was four and five I would play my nursery rhyme record over and over again.  Then as I got older maybe around ten I would ask others why are nursery rhymes so violent and scarey. Even in college I would say that. As an adult I read up on the origin of the song and found several theories of its origination. One was the rebuilding of the bridge, one was about Queen Eluzabeth II passing and another about children. From that point on the song made me feel sad and I never played it for my daughters. Again today the words London Bridge is making me feel sad.

i can’t understand why we can’t all walk in love and treasure the preciousness of life itself. Why must we impose hurt and hate on others? Why can’t we live in love and freedom without fear? I’m sure in days to come investigations will uncover a motive for this event. However, the motive won’t take away the residuals left behind if this horrific event.

My prayers go out to all those in London and around the world hurting and affected by this event.

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Saying Good Bye Is Too Hard To Say Right Now. Love lives on

Today I learned that my cousin Mary passed away. It truly broke my heart. I feel like I was just getting to know her. I met her after my grandmother passed a couple of years ago. She was so sweet and encouraging. You could tell that every word she spoke came from a place of total unconditional love. Her departure was so unexpected to me and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. It put me in a space where I was asking the question why do the good go first? She was a beacon of love for all who knew her. I’m going to miss her responding to me on Facebook.

Life is so uncertain and an abrupt departure can truly break your heart and leave you feeling a little lost and uncertain of the future. But I truly believe that love crosses all barriers and that love never dies. Therefore, I won’t say good bye to you cousin Mary, instead I will say that I will see you later.

The Love Butterfly

there once was a beautiful butterfly with gorgeous blue wings

she would fly all around and you could hear her sing

she would fly around spreading love with each flutter of her wings

she always knew what to say and how to say it and made you feel like life was a dream

such a sweet butterfly with a quiet yet strong spirit that’s just who she was

just why she flew away so suddenly may never be understood

but I know she surely flew up to heaven just to rest for a while

for she was so busy spreading love she truly flew miles after miles

even though her gentle visual presence will be missed and tears will surely fall from those she left here

we will rejoice in anticiapatuin of seeing you again because surely heaven is near


Rest in Peace Cousin Mary. We love you


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Single and ……

Are you single? Do you like being single?  How is being single different for you now than it has been in the past?  How does being single make you feel about yourself? Are you divorced and thinking of dating again? Are you young and single? Are you older and single? Do you want to be single?

Well, allow me to tell you my single story. I was single for a long time as a young adult and I hated it.  I felt that people looked at me differently because I was single.  I was desperate to be loved too, which lead me to toxic relationships and low self-esteem. It also drove me to the wrong person to marry.  I honestly got married to my ex because he asked me.  It wasn’t love or that I couldn’t imagine life without him, it was simply he asked.  I can tell you that was a horrible mistake.  A mistake that I am still paying for today emotionally and financially.

Thank God for deliverance.  I am so grateful that I have been delivered from feeling judged about being single and from being desperate for needing to have someone love me.  To take total responsibility of my actions I must say that I brought on the heartache due to my low self-esteem.  I didn’t even really love myself.

But I am divorced, happily divorced and I am older now.  I am in a place where I love life and I want to live like there is no  tomorrow.  I have a passion to live and live free and in love without judging others and being open to all that God has for me.  Even if it is not on my list of desires.  Again, I just want to live. When I reflect on being single now here is where I am.


Sometimes being single doesn’t mean I am lonely, difficult, picky or sad. It simply means that at this point in my life I am happy, fulfilled and in love with myself. I don’t feel that singleness is a sentence or punishment but it is a preparation place for me and I am being prepared for who God has for me (if I choose to date or be in another relationship). So I will shine in my singleness without hurt, shame or doubt. I am embracing and celebrating where I am, who I am, and whose I am. I know that God makes no mistakes even if I don’t understand or comprehend His plan. I know now that delay is not denial and to rush something is like having a baby too soon.  There will be major struggles, complications and sometimes death of what is birthed too soon. I truly believe there is a top for every pot.

So I encourage you to relax and rest in where ever you are in life.  Wait for God to direct your path.  Take this time to pamper and spoil yourself and to fall so in love with yourself that you create the highest standards possible for who ever comes into your life.

Never forget that you are an original and that makes you priceless.  Priceless, original items are not free to be handled by everyone.  They are protected and watched over constantly. Know your worth and bask in this time.  Much will be revealed to you and you will grow without interruption. Singleness is a place of divine growth.  Embrace it wholeheartedly.


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Can they take your Jesus? A bullies mistake

I learn so much for my daughters. They say things that totally shifts my perception and places my thoughts outside of the box that my life experiences created and holds me captive with the illusion of total freedom.

Here is an example of what I mean. Last week at school my ten year old was bullied. The older student told her if she had a gun she would shoot her in heart and she would die and have to stay outside the gates because she couldn’t go into heaven.

Now as a mom I was hurt, concerned, upset and almost anxious. Administrators never called me and the student wasn’t ordered to stay away from my baby girl.

Now as I was in my feelings over this situation thinking of the school shootings and bullying that go on almost monthly my daughter had a whole different perception of the entire event,

When I questioned her about it later that night her response blew me away. She said it didn’t bother her that she would shoot her but it bothered her that she told her she wouldn’t get into heaven. She said, “Mom I want everyone to know I’m a Christian and my goal is to go all the way to heaven”. She said that is what upset her the most.

Until I viewed the incident from her lens I only thought of my baby’s safety here and she was thinking beyond this life. She gets it that this flesh is temporary and she didn’t care what the girl did to it. She cared about her soul getting to heaven to be with Jesus and the Father.

What a revelation from a ten year old. So don’t take my Jesus because heaven is my home.

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Time the irreversible force

Lately I have been thinking a lot about time. The older I get the faster it seems to go. There are so many days and moments I wish I could recover and just bask in those moments once more. But time is irreversible and it can’t be controlled.

Time is not going to slow down for you. It’s not going to give you reminders of the precious gems embedded in each measure of seconds. When I think about it time is just as precious as life. You can’t give someone their time back, once the moment/event is over it’s just over. No do overs just residual memories laced in emotions and wrapped in our six senses.

Time is mystical on so many levels. Like how was time put into motion? How is it that it never stops on earth or in heaven? And how does it measure differently? How can its essence be so strong that a simple smell can propel a fifty year old back in time to their third grade class and the fragrance their teacher once wore? How can one song make your heart race at the thought of your first dance. It’s nothing less than amazing.

Treat your time with respect. Appreciate each second of each day. Even though time is infinite not all forms will remain the same. When you take your last breath time for you in this form is done. Whatever you left undone will remain undone. That dream, that movement to change the world, those summer plans are all left unbirthed.

Don’t take for granted that time will begin again tomorrow or that the dawn will usher you into a new day with unknown elements measured by time. Love your life enough to live it freely and without limits or reservations. Live like time is about to expire and ride the waves of life with no regrets and with unapologetic passion to be the best you during this dash of time. Pack as much life in that dash as you again because time waits for no man.