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Power in the Blood of Jesus!

There is power in the blood of Jesus
Power in the blood of Jesus
There’s not one tear that I have cried that you didn’t wipe away
Even when my sin tried to separate us your love for me stayed
Mercies are new everyday and grace abounds
I was a lost soul waiting to be found
There is power in the blood of Jesus
Power in the blood of Jesus
You saw tomorrow when I was still standing in yesterday
Never have you let me down or your face turned away
Whipped all night long and pierced in your side
All to show me your unconditional love and for your living words to forever abide
You hung there with the weight of all the worlds sin
How you bore that cross for me and still call me your friend
There is power in the blood of Jesus
Power in the blood of Jesus
With each step I bow before you and yet I still rise
So much heartache so many tears have I cried
But to you I keep running, for you are all I have in this world and the new one to come
So hand in hand covered in the blood this race I will run
When doubt creeps in your word washes them out
That’s why I got to tell the world, I’ve got to shout
There is power in the blood of Jesus
Power in the blood!



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Relax Relate Release….A Different World

One of my favorite throwback shows is A Different World. Especially the episodes when Debbie Allen not just directed but appeared on it.  That was a fun show that always had a message in it. There was one episode when several of Hillman’s students decided to go to therapy. Whitley, played by Jasmin Guy went to a therapist, played by Debbie Allen. In this episode Whitley was stressing about declining a dinner date with Dwayne, played by Kadeem Hardison.

in this episode in a very comical way Debbie Allen broke down to Whitley what her issue was. She told her it was fearing what she couldn’t control and in life we must learn to relax relate and release. What a powerful way to refocus your feed and anxieties.

There is no joy in stressing beyond what is in your control. So today before you complain, worry, stress or give up just Relax Relate Release.




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Wait on the Lord

Are you in a season of waiting? Waiting on what you know will surely come is hard. It’s hard because you want to be sure you wait right. By waiting right I mean you want to be sure to wait in good joy and expectation that God can not lie and if He said it then it will surely come to pass.

Many times during your waiting season you want to help God out. You forget that He is ALL and for brief seconds you think you know how and when it should happen and all the factors in between. Then you come to your senses and repent unto God for trying to take the lead in this dance called life.

Be encouraged and know that seasons always change and that if you faint not God will surely manifest your blessings and promises. You will be amazed at how God does it because it will be beyond what you even thought to ask and believe God for.

Wait in great cheer and know that seasons change in such a smooth transitional manner that you don’t even realize one season has succumbed to another until you are walking in it. Such are the blessings of God. Recognize this preparation time because you may very well be walking into your blessings within the next few hours!


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Sometimes in life when you are seeking direction you need to just be quiet. You need to rest your mind and once your mind is still you can hear God speak. Be open to desiring God’s will for your life and let that be the only thing you seek.

Once your mind is still and your spirit is quiet the warmth of peace will wrap around you like a blanket and everything you have been wondering about will be crystal clear.

So today before you speak one more complaint or one more word of belief just shhhhhh. If you are quiet God will surely speak.

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London Bridge….

To hear of the tragedy that happened on the London bridge today was devasting. It took me back to my child hood and one of my favorite nursery rhymes was London Bridge is Falling Down. When I was four and five I would play my nursery rhyme record over and over again.  Then as I got older maybe around ten I would ask others why are nursery rhymes so violent and scarey. Even in college I would say that. As an adult I read up on the origin of the song and found several theories of its origination. One was the rebuilding of the bridge, one was about Queen Eluzabeth II passing and another about children. From that point on the song made me feel sad and I never played it for my daughters. Again today the words London Bridge is making me feel sad.

i can’t understand why we can’t all walk in love and treasure the preciousness of life itself. Why must we impose hurt and hate on others? Why can’t we live in love and freedom without fear? I’m sure in days to come investigations will uncover a motive for this event. However, the motive won’t take away the residuals left behind if this horrific event.

My prayers go out to all those in London and around the world hurting and affected by this event.

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Saying Good Bye Is Too Hard To Say Right Now. Love lives on

Today I learned that my cousin Mary passed away. It truly broke my heart. I feel like I was just getting to know her. I met her after my grandmother passed a couple of years ago. She was so sweet and encouraging. You could tell that every word she spoke came from a place of total unconditional love. Her departure was so unexpected to me and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. It put me in a space where I was asking the question why do the good go first? She was a beacon of love for all who knew her. I’m going to miss her responding to me on Facebook.

Life is so uncertain and an abrupt departure can truly break your heart and leave you feeling a little lost and uncertain of the future. But I truly believe that love crosses all barriers and that love never dies. Therefore, I won’t say good bye to you cousin Mary, instead I will say that I will see you later.

The Love Butterfly

there once was a beautiful butterfly with gorgeous blue wings

she would fly all around and you could hear her sing

she would fly around spreading love with each flutter of her wings

she always knew what to say and how to say it and made you feel like life was a dream

such a sweet butterfly with a quiet yet strong spirit that’s just who she was

just why she flew away so suddenly may never be understood

but I know she surely flew up to heaven just to rest for a while

for she was so busy spreading love she truly flew miles after miles

even though her gentle visual presence will be missed and tears will surely fall from those she left here

we will rejoice in anticiapatuin of seeing you again because surely heaven is near


Rest in Peace Cousin Mary. We love you