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As energy transfers me to a place of no return I acknowledge that I can’t be fully present and yet live in the past. As your vibrant colors of nature serves as the background for my daily walk on this earth I know that you hold all things in your hands. I find peace in not knowing what tomorrow holds because I know you hold tomorrow.

As my spirit soars as my body rest I know that my potential is endless and that there are no boundaries in what I will be in this life. I trust that no promise will return unto you but birthed at its appointed time. I am proud to be your daughter and I aspire to be more like your son daily.

So in the nighttime when through the silence that comes with the ending of another day I indulge in your presence and turn my thoughts totally to you. Thank you for your colors your sounds your energy and your power.

Just as all of nature sings it’s praise to you I too will consciously worship and praise you. For it is written you inhabit the praises of your people and your presence is priceless and pure.

You are the truth the way and the light. Thank you for being all things to me.


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Letter to My Father

God forgive me for every time I tried to make you small. For every time I thought my plan was better, for every time I tried to put you in a box, for every time that I held On to someone or something too long as you were pulling it away from me. Forgive me for taking the simplist  of things for granted. Forgive me for my doubts and fears. Forgive me for not loving myself enough to choose the right path. Forgive me for holding up my own blessings. Forgive me from holding on to hate and hurt. Forgive me from turning left when I knew you told me to turn right.

For I know you are all knowing all powerful faithful and just. Your wisdom is infinite and time is nonexistence with you. Nothing or no one can stop what you have put in motion and regardless of what the physical components see or feel I know you have all power and control.

Thank you for loving me, forgiving me and saving me. Your patience with me is beyond comprehension and I am grateful.

Loving you always,

Your daughter

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Position Is Everything

Position is truly everything. Being in position will allow your blessings to pour over you. Just like in sports if you don’t have your people in every position there is no way you can have victory.

Once you are in position you must be focused and you must be ready. You must be open in order to receive what God has for you. You have to be present in that moment in order to get the victory.

If Noah hadn’t been in position he would have not obeyed God and obeyed him. If Elisha had not been in place he would have never got the double annointing from Elijah. If Moses hadn’t been in place He would not have experienced the burning bush. If Saul had not been in position he would have never been in place for the word to come to him on his journey and he would have never changed. If those ordained by Jesus had not been in position after He rose they would have never received the Holy Ghost.

You how vital it is for you to be in position. Every place of position is an arrangement established by God. You must know His voice and be aware of where He is positioning you.

That job may not be what you want but you are positioned there for a reason. While you are there for this season be open to receive what God has for you to project out and what you are to receive.

Your current position should not cause friction or opposition. View it for what it is and that it is to bring in victory for God to get the glory.

Position yourself, focus, get ready to receive and move to your next level. Position is everything.

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The Storm

As we all know Hurricane Irma just released its presence upon the southern region. The impact this storm had on some areas is unprecedented.

In German the name Irma means war goddess. She definitely brought on a warlike force. Being in the south my daughter and I were impacted by the storm. We were without power for 24 hours. Overall Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were devastating to those in their paths. The flooding and wind damage will leave their mark for a long time to come. For us it wasn’t the rain but it was the wind. When the storm was over it made me think.

Of course this took me to a spiritual place. I know God is speaking to us. I believe that many of us heard Him loud and clear. If we reflect on the storm and what our personal experience was through it you can actually put things in a personal and spiritual perspective.

Remember I said it wasn’t the rain that got us in GA but it was the wind. Well isn’t that how it is when God allows a storm to impact our personal lives. It ain’t one thing it’s another that gets us. You have to look at it this way whatever the storm rains washed out of our lives and whatever the wind blew away it had served its season and purpose in our lives. It was no longer needed and since you were too afraid to let go of what was cluttering your space God stepped in and made room for your blessing. He simply cleaned up what you didn’t have the strength to get rid of and gave you something better. You see your blessings are so big that you have to make room for them sometimes. Some blessings aren’t stackable, they are not a part of a puzzle. Some blessings are a rebirthing, they come after a cleansing. The thing is instead of praising God in our storm we become fearful and hold on to the familiar just that much tighter. Yet it’s in the storm when we should be praising God, we should be giving and sowing seeds.

You see fear and faith can’t inhabit the same space. This reminds me of when Jesus was out on the boat with his disciples and while Jesus was sleeep a storm came up. His disciples were fearful and woke Jesus up in fear they were going to die in the storm. They had Jesus, I mean really Jesus was right there in the physical and yet fear still over took them. Jesus simply spoke and the storm ceased.

We have to keep this scripture in mind when our storm clouds roll in. We need to only speak to the storm with our God given authority and shout with praises for  the storm is a prelude to your best blessing yet. So instead of being fearful be faithful, instead of getting perplexed get praise filled, instead of holding on release.  Your praise is the vessel to help you ride out your storm.

I’m closing this blog with a song my maternal grandmother used to sing. Ride out your storm in praise!



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Is the End Near? Signs of the time

There are so many things going on in the world. So much pain hurt and sorrow. To many who read the word and are saved of Jesus Christ it is clearly signs of the end of time approaching. In Matthew 24:4 the Bible reads

4 Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. 6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains.

Doesn’t this scripture sound very familiar to what we are seeing and hearing today? In my personal opinion it appears that things are happening quickly and close together. There are fires raging out of control, hurricanes, tropical storms and earthquakes all happening at once. in the month of September alone we have had rumors of wars, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, the start of a new civil war, and killings that show how man’s heart has already turned cold.

In addition to these things, There are diseases that are immune to medicines that once eliminated the cause and symptoms immediately. The hearts of man has seemed to have turned cold. Racism, prejudice, divorce and hate all seem to be the norm.

But all these things must happen. We can’t pray them away but we can pray for God to protect us during what must come before the trumpet sounds. These are truly the last days. I’m not saying the world will end tomorrow or next week for no man knows when the exact end of time will be. I’m only pointing out what Jesus said to look for and aligning it with what is happening in the world today.

Don’t sleep on God’s word. He has already told us He will come like a thief in the night. We must be heart ready in order to be able to make it into heaven. It’s time to wake up! Wake up Get Heart Ready Walk in Love!