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I’m Scarred and I’m Proud

These scars, these scars, they run deep

Why are these burdens with me even when I sleep

Ashamed ashamed so ashamed of these scars that everyone can see

Are my scars the reason you don’t want to love me

If I cover them up will my actions still reveal

Reveal the hurt and shame from damaging years

One day these scars that caused you to dismiss me

Will make me more valuable than diamonds grown in a tree

For my scars bring about a uniqueness laced in strength determination and resilient pride

One day I will boldly expose my scars that I’ve spent my whole life trying to hide

For they made me the mother, the woman, the friend, the daughter, the dreamer that I am today

My scars have so much to say

As a new dawn arises and the sun births a new day full of peace and grace

Im no longer apologizing for my scars, my differences, my deficits, my faults or my tear stained face

Im living my scars out loud

Im screaming “I’m scared and I’m proud!!!



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Don’t Judge Me….Do They Really Care About Us?

Don’t judge me, just love me

I am the best me I can presently be

You want to look at my past, I know it was some what bad but mostly sad

Honestly it’s the only past I’ve had

So don’t judge me like I have no value

When my forefathers sweat has left a legacy of residue

Dont judge me for my color because that was given to me I had no choice

Dont silence me because I look different than you, just listen to my voice

Don’t judge me for not being where you are

You know you kept kicking me down every time I reached for that star, just look at this scar

Dont judge because I won’t judge you

You Be you and I’ll be me and to thine own self be true

You see your judging holds hate and it’s designed to hold me back

I don’t want the next generation to know killing hunger and lack

To know lack based on the color of their skin

We have been knocking on the door of opportunity for years, you are forcing us to kick it in

Dont judge me and I surely won’t judge you

Just give me a chance to shine through

Dont judge me just love me and together we can become one

We both share the same moment in Time, the same moon and same sun

So don’t judge me and make me pay a ridiculous cost of tears blood and early demise

Dont judge me just look at me with your heart and not with your eyes

Don’t judge me yet let me be redeemed

Let reciprocity ring

Don’t judge me


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Under Construction

Do you realize we are all under construction? We are all still learning in the mist of mistakes and bad choices and good intentions. We are all carrying a few bags on our back. Many of us are still trying to love and value our selves as we seek to find the approval of others. Many of us are searching for love so hard that we are missing out on precision moments of life because we have yet to be claimed by someone. Many of us are just realizing that love only hurts when it’s not returned and we are in loveless relationships. We have dreams and passions that either we are too afraid to chase or have been so conditioned to believe that dreams are sure failures. Many of us are so busy grinding for someone else that we don’t have time to grind for ourselves and leave a legacy that will have lifelong residuals.

At the end of the day we all need on hard hats because everywhere we go is a construction zone. Even the coolest person has something they are working on. I for one believe construction isn’t complete until God calls you Home.

So let’s not judge others. Their construction isn’t your construction and we all have different floor plans. We need to bask in our differences because they expose us to change challenges dreams and new things.

Boldly hold up your Under Construction sign and let the things that are building you as ordained by God to change the world!

Under Construction-thank you for your patience!

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The Leaf in the Rain:Can You Be Unmoved

There are some days that are just hard and it takes all you have not to cry your way through. The reality of things not being as you desire or have prayed for can weigh you down like a ton of bricks.

Today as I was leaving my office in a misty rain to go visit a school I saw something that just simply amazed me. I saw a leaf that took me back to my childhood. It was a leaf with a silver back. When I was a child my grandad used to see if you see the silver backs of the leaves on the trees rain was surely coming and his saying never proved wrong.

As I was walking to my car looking down because I felt so low in my spirit, I saw the leaf. On the leaf we’re perfectly positioned beads of rain that looked like diamonds! They were perfectly positioned and each drop had a reflection embedded in it. The beads of rain nor the leaf were moved by the slight breeze not the car that whisked by it at a rather fast pace. All of the elements surrounding the leaf holding the beads of rain had no effect on either element.

Thats when it hit me. Why am I allowing what I can’t see in the natural move me and create doubt and severe despair? If God was allowing beads of rain to hold its position in the mist of rain, wind and fast cars, how much more will God hold on to me to keep me focused and in His will.

You may think this is crazy to get all of this from a leaf and beads of rain but it truly touched me. It is the simple unexpected things that we commonly overlook that can penetrate our pain and disappointment and cause a shift in our perception.

God is amazing and I’m so glad I saw the lone leaf with the rain beads today.


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Will You Cross the Red Sea? Are you waiting on God as He is waiting on you?

In the book of Exodus we learn about Moses leading God’s people away from Pharaoh. The most amazing part of the story has always been the fact that the waters literally parted and Moses led the people on dry land safely to the other side.

Now the Red Sea was no little puddle. It was over 1200 miles long and 490 feet deep. Can you now see the miracle in this event? Recently reading this part of scripture again I got another revolution. For the first time I thought about the fact that Moses and the chosen people had to do their part in faith before God manifested His promise to them. First the people had to have faith that God sent Modesto deliver them and Moses had to obey God’s directives to get the people across the Sea.

They put their faith into motion and God showed up and showed out. They took a relatively small step in comparison to what God did. But what’s important is they took the step.

Are you standing still while God is waiting on you to take a step in faith so He can expeditiously propel you into His promised career, relationship, business deal, new state?

It’s time for you to cross the Red Sea. Preparations have been made. Don’t delay. Walk into your promises! The table is prepared and you are the guest of honor. Everything is waiting on you.

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Happy New Year 2018!!!!

On the East Coast it is officially 2018!!! As we scream, hug, sing and have total joy at the entrance of 2018 we say good bye to the pain, hurt, disappointment, missed opportunities, fears and lessons of 2017.

True we have no idea of the lessons, twist and turns 2018 will hold but we are going into this year with high hopes; the best of intentions and detailed plans! We vow to walk away from toxic friendships relationships, jobs and bad habits. We vow to be our best us and to speak life over ourselves daily. We vow to be bold and not live in fear. We vow to get rid of bucket list and to live each day on purpose and save no dream or plan for tomorrow! We vow to be present in today!!!

It will be a struggle as the clock ticks daily but if we have a mind and heart set on truly doing all we know we are cable of that will birth our destined blessings we know it will be a year where the good will outweigh the bad! We will keep hope and faith alive. We will let God’s word be a light unto our feet and take one step at a time even when the road is the darkest for we know that whatever the next step holds that it is known by God and therefore He has established the preparation and resources we need to shine like a diamond!

2018!!! The year of favor and birthed dreams!!! Speak it! Believe it! Birth it! Walk in it!