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The Story of Ruth

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In the bible we learn about Ruth. Most people when they tell the story of Ruth they highlight how she found her Boaz. That is an important factor in her life but the part that stands out the most to me is how loyal she was to her mother in law. Ruth was determined to stay with Naomi, her mother in law, regardless of what Naomi said to her. Because she was so loyal to Naomi she found great favor with Boaz.

Ruth could have become bitter and lost her way after her husband died. Instead, Ruth maintained her integrity and stayed true to her mother in law. Yes, life had dealt her a hard pill to swallow but she didn’t let that determine her destiny. Ruth kept her focus on helping provide for her mother in law since she had lost her sons and husband. She refused to walk away even though Naomi had nothing to offer her.

Many of us can lose our way on the path to our future when bad things come upon us. We get bitter and angry and stray from God rather than maintaining loyalty to him and stand on his promises. We must not faint or turn back. We must keep our focus on God and remain loyal to him. God will give you favor with those around you and your future will be bright.

Dr Lisa Melton


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