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Excerpt From My Book “Seasons in Life”

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Here is an excerpt from my book. I am still running a special on it. Go to to get your copy today for only $2.99.


The Fall is a season when the earth reveals its vivid colors for all to see. Nature dresses itself in amazing colors just before the leaves fall and animals hibernate. This is also the season that prepares everything, including us, for the winter that is sure to follow. Fall is that moment in time when you have just enough strength to brace yourself for what is to come.

In the Bible there are many people who had their Fall season in a variety of ways. Moses’s Fall began with a directive from God: he was to lead his people out of Pharaoh’s bondage. Moses gave God all the reasons why he should not be chosen for this assignment. His Fall quickly changed to Winter due to the doubting and complaining of those whom he was leading. This surely was his Fall. I also consider this his Fall because this was at a time in his life when he didn’t see the value in himself or what he was capable of doing. Moses didn’t realize that he was an integral part of God’s plan for all eternity.

If you have ever read his story you know that his Fall surely became Winter. But through every season there was opposition and ultimately victory. We will discuss his winter later.

The story of Abram, whose name was changed to Abraham by God, held all the seasons of life as well. However, it is his summer that is preached about the most. However, before summer he went through many seasons. Abraham’s Fall was spent waiting on God’s word to come to pass. You see, Abraham and Sarah wanted a baby and while becoming weary in their waiting, they took matters into their own hands; these actions caused them to be stuck between Fall and Winter for many years.
This brings me to Noah. Noah also had a Fall season. His Fall came when he was directed to build the Ark. The Winter for him was when so many perished because they refused to take heed to what God had ordered Noah to tell them.

Thank God that seasons in our lives change. In everyday life seasons are not aligned in order as are the seasons of nature. In nature, after Winter must come Spring. In everyday life it seems that you can go from Winter to Summer in just minutes, or even overnight! These are times that amaze us; we consider these events miracles. Spiritually we know that the battle has been fought nonstop in the realms of heaven. These occurrences usually happen due to one or two things. You have either given it to God in total faith, or God is moving to build your faith in Him. Whatever the reason, we are thankful and grateful when things work out as we prayed they would.

Dr Lisa Melton


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I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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