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Need to be Healed? Isaiah 58:8

Many are sick and in need of healing. My doctor told me she had seen a huge increase of women with Breast Cancer in her office over the past few years. What is causing this sickness? There is a new illness in California that is affecting children only. Why are these things happening? Many are seeking a healing.

We must believe and know that God is our healer. In the New Testament there were 37 miracles performed. Jesus is the same today that he was when he was walking the earth. When he died on the cross he bore all infirmities and sicknesses. Therefore, sickness is not ours and we don’t have to accept it. We must open our mouth and confess that we are healed. We can’t speak sickness, defeat, despair and discouragement.

In the bible blind eyes were open. Issues of blood were dried up in an instant. The dead was brought back to life. The barren were able to conceive and have healthy babies. Those possessed were delivered and the lame could walk. We serve the same God. All we have to do is pray, confess, believe, and speak our total healing.

Many people don’t like to say they are healed because the symptoms are still present. Think of the people in the bible who walked around confessing what God had promised them way before it came to pass. Joseph told his brothers they would one day bow down to him. Abraham told every he was the Father of Nations. If you don’t have this faith right now keep building your faith through the word of God and you will surely get it. Therefore, don’t allow symptoms to hinder or dissolve your faith.

Here are some healing scriptures for you to study:
Ex. 15:26
Ps 6:2
Ps 30:2
Ps 41:4
Pa 103:3
Ps 107:20
Ps 147.3
Isa 53:5
Jer 17:14
Jer 30:17
Isa 58:8
Mal 4:2
Matthew 4:23
Matthew 4:24
Matthew 8:8
Matthew 8:13
Matthew 8:16
Matthew 9:21-22
Mark 1:34
Mark 6:13
Luke 5:17
Luke 6:18
Acts 4:30
Acts 3:16
1 Peter 2:24

Never stop believing! You are healed!

Dr Lisa Melton


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What Are You Expecting?

Do you have an expectancy in life? What is it? Are you expecting bad things to happen? Are you expecting not to get that job you just interviewed for? Are you expecting your marriage to end? Are you expecting people to take advantage of you?

Just what are you walking around expecting? If you are expecting these types of things you will surely bring them upon yourself. Expectancy is simply believing and believing is faith. You have put your faith in bad things and not in the promises of God.

God has amazing plans for our lives. Why would He, our Father, not give us good things. Our earthly fathers provide for us and give us all that they can so why would God do less than that? Start expecting blessings to chase you down and overcome you. Expect Godly favor every where you go. Expect your territory to be enlarged. Expect to be a giver and not a borrower. Expect the full blessings of God everyday.

What are you expecting?

Dr Lisa Melton

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Wait on the Lord with Patience and Expectancy

There are times in life when we simply must wait on the Lord. He has perfect timing to allow your blessings to come to you. Look at waiting on God as if you were pregnant and waiting for your child to come into this world. No matter how tired you get of being pregnant no mother truly wants their child to come to early because the child’s development would be hindered and sometimes the child may not survive. That is how you must look at your blessings you are waiting on. Trust that God knows the perfect time to allow you to have what you are praying for. You don’t want something to come into your life too soon. The circumstances may not be right for your blessing to fully be enjoyed or for you to fully enjoy the benefits of your blessings.

Wait with patience and high expectations. Knowing that God knows exactly what He is doing and that He is going to come through for you right on time. Be mindful that our time is not God’s time and that God sees the entire picture, not just a snippet or a glimpse. Trust Him totally.

It is in the quiet times in His presence worshipping, waiting, praising, and listening that you enter the highest level of prayer-Dennis Burke

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I put my hope. Psalm 130:5

Is there something you are waiting for? Is there a prayer you have been praying for months or years? Are you waiting on the Lord? If so be of good cheer. God has not forgotten you and He will surely allow your blessings to overcome you in His divine timing. Wait on the Lord. Wait I say, on the Lord.

Dr Lisa Melton

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Believing God

I can get more out of God by believing Him for one minute than by shouting at Him all night-Smith Wigglesworth

One of my favorite past pastors and authors is Smith Wigglesworth. He has published some very powerful books. His ministry was strong in faith. He knew how to believe in God and he always got results through his prayer life.

We must not only read but we must strongly believe without any wavering Matthew 21:22. Which reads And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and (really) believing, you will receive. You must believe that prayer is the lock and faith is the key. We should all practice praying and believing God more rather than constantly telling Him what you don’t have and how you don’t see past this very second. Let your faith take control of your thoughts. Believing in God is a necessity for He teaches us that without faith it is impossible to please Him. This statement lets us know just how important it is to use the measure of faith that God has given to each of us. Smith Wigglesworth understood this concept and it was a way of life for him. Believing God for him was like breathing. It was just the natural thing to do. We must somehow get to this level of believing so that we can make a difference with our prayer life.

With every breath trust God wholeheartedly, without wavering. Don’t allow your faith to have boundaries. God is real and through faith and prayer we have a constant and direct line to Him.

Dr Lisa Melton

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Forever On His Mind

You are forever on God’s mind. He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. He knows the number of hairs that are on your head. In fact He loves you so much that He has tattooed your name on his hand.
Isaiah 49:16 (NIV)
16 See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
your walls are ever before me.

You are precious to God and very valuable to Him. Therefore, never underestimate your worth. Don’t do things or say things that could bring a feeling of devalue upon you. Never forget that you are an original and that you have someone who loves you completely, totally and above all unconditionally.

Dr Lisa Melton