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Are you Reliable?

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Do you consider yourself reliable? Can others truly depend on you? Do you have a reputation of trust?
According to Merriam Webster reliable means:
able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed
able to be relied on
able to be believed : likely to be true or correct

Does any part of this definition describe you? If you are reliable then you are depended upon to handle things for others. People will call on you to help them through certain situations or events. To be reliable is to have a strong reputation of trust. It speaks volumes of your character.

I have a great family who is very reliable yet the person I rely on the most is God. I know that He is unchangeable, He doesn’t have issues going on in his life where I will guilty for going to him to help lift me up or guide me. When I think of reliability I ultimately think of God.

Learn to rely on him. You will see major changes happen in your life. Relying on God will build your faith in His word and it will build your confidence level in every area of your life. Being reliable is being true to those around you and should not be taken lightly.

Are you reliable?

Dr Lisa Melton


Author: inspiremetotally

I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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