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Need to be Healed? Isaiah 58:8

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Many are sick and in need of healing. My doctor told me she had seen a huge increase of women with Breast Cancer in her office over the past few years. What is causing this sickness? There is a new illness in California that is affecting children only. Why are these things happening? Many are seeking a healing.

We must believe and know that God is our healer. In the New Testament there were 37 miracles performed. Jesus is the same today that he was when he was walking the earth. When he died on the cross he bore all infirmities and sicknesses. Therefore, sickness is not ours and we don’t have to accept it. We must open our mouth and confess that we are healed. We can’t speak sickness, defeat, despair and discouragement.

In the bible blind eyes were open. Issues of blood were dried up in an instant. The dead was brought back to life. The barren were able to conceive and have healthy babies. Those possessed were delivered and the lame could walk. We serve the same God. All we have to do is pray, confess, believe, and speak our total healing.

Many people don’t like to say they are healed because the symptoms are still present. Think of the people in the bible who walked around confessing what God had promised them way before it came to pass. Joseph told his brothers they would one day bow down to him. Abraham told every he was the Father of Nations. If you don’t have this faith right now keep building your faith through the word of God and you will surely get it. Therefore, don’t allow symptoms to hinder or dissolve your faith.

Here are some healing scriptures for you to study:
Ex. 15:26
Ps 6:2
Ps 30:2
Ps 41:4
Pa 103:3
Ps 107:20
Ps 147.3
Isa 53:5
Jer 17:14
Jer 30:17
Isa 58:8
Mal 4:2
Matthew 4:23
Matthew 4:24
Matthew 8:8
Matthew 8:13
Matthew 8:16
Matthew 9:21-22
Mark 1:34
Mark 6:13
Luke 5:17
Luke 6:18
Acts 4:30
Acts 3:16
1 Peter 2:24

Never stop believing! You are healed!

Dr Lisa Melton


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