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Revival Time! 40 Days of Revival! Join Me

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When I was little I remember how exciting it was to hold a revival. I remember the energy that was in the air at church for both Fall and Spring revivals. It was a time when people poured in to get renewed strength in God and to grab a new hold onto God’s promises. It was a time to start over in Christ. Many were baptized during the revivals and of course many were healed during the services. I am in a state where I need a revival. A new start to becoming a better me. Eating healthy, exercising, seeking God more and being humble and true to myself and to my God.

Merriam Webster defines revival as

: an act or instance of reviving : the state of being revived: as

a: renewed attention to or interest in something

b: a new presentation or publication of something old

c (1): a period of renewed religious interest (2): an often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings


: restoration of force, validity, or effect (as to a contract)

At the end of my 40 day revival I am expecting a restoration of force. I am expecting a new me. I can’t wait. Don’t you want to be revived? Please join me for 40 days of revival. Each day I am meditating and focusing on God’s words and His promises to me. I am asking Him to lead me to bless others and to show love at all times. I am limiting my meat intake, cutting out sugar, and increasing my water intake to at least 67.6 ounces a day. I will give God the glory daily and continue to start each day in prayer and seeking guidance in all things from God.

Revival Time! Won’t you join me?

Dr Lisa Melton


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I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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