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Springtime, Finally!!!

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After such a cold and snowy winter I think we were all pretty anxious for the warmth that the springtime brings. Typically spring is the season when the weather feels perfect to us. It is not too cold and not too hot. All the colors of nature come alive and flowers are birthed. It is an amazing time of year.

Just like there are the seasons throughout our year, we also have seasons in our lives. Our springtime is a time in which we feel ourselves growing and evolving into who God created us to be. It is a time in our lives when we perhaps give birth to a child, get married, graduate from college, start that dream career, break free of any bandages. It is a beautiful time in our lives and when people see us they see a glow about us and an undeniable sense of our transformation.

Then we as women have a springtime when we come into our own. We embrace all of our flaws and begin to truly love ourselves. It is a time when we appreciate our parents, past mistakes, and all the wrong paths we traveled on to get to this part of the freeway that we are currently on.

Springtime is pure beauty, peace and love. There is nothing like it.

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Dr Lisa Melton


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