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Recognize God

As you all know if I’m going through something that could help someone I will be transparent and put it out there. It’s amazing how sometimes it takes us months to see something we did wrong and need to repent for. I was in a situation where people were being moved around with the promise of being able to get into leadership full time. Well I wasn’t chosen. So I called myself speaking up for myself and asked to be a part of the move. Well now I see that not being a part of the move was God and not the devil as I had immediately assumed. Now I’m in a horrible situation that only God can get me out of. I have repented unto God from my heart and soul and it hurts so bad realizing that I didn’t see God in the old situation and that I didn’t take time to pray on it while leaving my emotions and goals I had set for myself out of it all. When I tell you my heart is so heavy right now it’s true. I am seeking God and praying hard that He fixes this but I had to take responsibility for this all being my fault. I pray God steps in today and turn everything around and that He forgives me for being stupid and not trusting that He was and is in control of every part of my life.

So if you are in a situation fast and pray and don’t automatically assume it’s the devil. God could be protecting you from something worse.


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Racial Tension Question

Should we be fearful to Live While Black in America? Are we going backwards as a society?  I have seen a lot of posts lately that seem to spawn negativity about the events that are happening throughout the US.  I think people are fed up with the visible injustice that is going on.  We should live in love and color should not be used as a tool to determine someone’s value in this world.  Everyone is loved by someone and everyone is needed by someone and everyone is someone’s child. Injustice and unnecessary killings by all must stop.  We need to live in peace.  If we would keep our mind on God and live by His commandments the world would be such a happy, loving and peaceful place.

We should all respect each others lives because no one can give you back your life once it has been taken from you.  We must live in love and peace.  It is time for a change that will last for all time.

Dr Lisa Melton

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