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Outpouring of God’s Spirit Is Here

Reach out to God today for His presence is so strong.  Reach out to Him and gain His character and doubt not for Jesus is real.


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Question on Trust

If all we need to do is trust God and we know in our hearts that God is real and that His word is true; why is it so hard to just fully trust in all that His word says?

I really want to know what you all think.

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Friday’s Fruit

Yes, it is Friday! Felt like a long time coming. It is the end of the work week but not the end of God’s promises and purpose for your life. Whatever you experienced this week let it go and keep your focus on God and seek Him for a true revelation of His character, that your mind and heart may be transformed and not for what He can give you materially.

Know that God is with you and that is His word is alive and true and forever working for our good and molding out our divine assignments. So if that phone call didn’t come, that check didn’t come, that financial breakthrough to set you free from debt didn’t come this week; fret not for God is not done with you and your purpose. His promises will come to pass.

Keep your head up and remember that we shouldn’t look at things that don’t come to fruition as a no from God. Look at it as God telling us and showing us that what He has for you is so much better and laced in peace. You prayed for that Benz but God is saying hold on I like this Bentley for you better. This may be a poor example but trust me when I tell you that God is not trying to slight you or leave you out there alone. He has the best for you, so be willing to wait and accept it. He is real!!!!

Dr. Lisa Melton

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Happiness and Joy-What’s the Difference?

Just the other day I was thinking how it would be wonderful to simply be happy at work.  Then it came to me that I don’t want to just be happy, what I really want is joy.  According to Webster the definition of happy is the state of being happy, an experience that makes you happy.  Did you notice that the definition reads that it is a state of being, an experience?  This lets you know that to be happy is to be overcome by an emotion of happiness that is contingent upon an act, event, or desire.  When I think of joy I think of an internal state that is eternal.  God gives us joy.  When we have joy from God it is always present.  Regardless of what you are going through you still find the will and ability to be able to smile and lift others up.  If you are only operating from happiness then you directed by outside circumstances of how to act, live, and prepare for everyday life.

It is so much better to have joy because joy won’t leave you.  It will burst through the saddest of days and cause you to find that bit of sunshine and peace that will help you carry on.

Which state of being do you find yourself in daily?

Dr. Lisa Melton