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Believing in God and Believing God-Realizing the truth in the differences

To be saved you must believe in God and believe He sent His only son to die on the cross for us and that he rose again with all power and victory.  Since this has always been my belief since I can remember it is so easy.  I can’t wrap my head around this being a difficult thing to believe.  However, I am older enough now that I realize that there is a major difference in believing in God and believing God.  I struggle unconsciously with believing God at times.  It comes in the form of doubt and fear from time to time.  It is not always beyond my thoughts, meaning in my heart I rarely doubt God or fear He won’t come through on one of His promises to me.  I am just getting to the point that I so believe in His word in John 14 and John 16:23-24.  These scriptures are so powerful to me and they are on repeat in my head and heart throughout the day.  I find myself mediating on them and saying them out loud a couple of times a day. Jesus says to ask anything in His name and He will do it.  Not some things, not easy things, not simple things, not things that can only already be seen, but ANYTHING!. What a promise from our Father.  And He is powerful enough to do just what He has promised.  You just have to believe.

If you go on a job interview and they tell you that you are hired and to report to work on Monday morning at 8am.  Are you going to show up to the place of employment or are you going to say to yourself and others “I am waiting for them to call me on Monday to see if I am really coming in”?  Doesn’t that sound craze? We would go to work.  We would trust that this carnal man who interviewed us is being honest and that we have a job with this company just based on his word.  Then why do we doubt God.  He is not man where He can or will lie.  He is the creator of all.  God’s word holds more merit than this man’s word so why would you believe him yet struggle to believe God for things you have sought Him for?

Trust in the Lord and lean not to your own understanding.  Move pass believing in God only to believing Him fully for all that you need and desire as you seek Him and His character daily so that He gets the total glory from your life.

Just Believe!


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Friday’s Fruit-WORDS, WORDS, WORDS


Isn’t it amazing how words can break a person or build them up?  Words are so powerful that God, the Father, created all of the world and heavens just by speaking words.  We must learn how to use our words when we talk to others and when we speak over our own lives. If you are in a situation be it a marriage, relationship, friendship, family, or work and those around you speak bad to you or of you, make a decision today that daily you will pray over yourself to void out their negative words and not allow them to take root and grow.  Make a conscious decision to use the negative words as a source of purpose to serve as building blocks to elevate you to the highest mark of your destiny that God, Himself designed just for you and with only you in mind as He wrote out and spoke His plans for your life.  Don’t allow words to be your stumbling blocks or to construct walls that no one can penetrate through or walls that you can’t break out of.  Recognize the power of words and create you a positive wheel and display it on your mirror in your bedroom or on your bulletin board next to your desk at home or on your refrigerator. A positive wheel is very easy to create.  I went out and purchased some paper plates, aluminum foil and glue. I then got the magazines that I had read several times and looked for words that would build me up.  I placed the words in all directions all over my plate that I had covered in aluminum foil and once they dried I hung up my wheel.  Now when I have those days where I feel down about myself and I am reflecting on life and having major regrets I look at my wheel.  I have made a conscious decision to allow words to build me up only and never to allow them to tear me down or create a path for me that I do not choose to go down.

So today purposely use your WORDS and build your bridge that will take you beyond the moon!

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Walls of Jericho-Shout them down

In the bible we learn about Joshua and how God promised him a land.  Well the land was behind a wall and no one could get in due to this wall.  God gave Joshua specific instructions after He gave Him the promise that the land was his.  He told him to get certain people in place, get the ark of the covenant in place, and what to do and for how many days.  Joshua was instructed to walk around Jericho for 7 days.  On the 7th day they were to shout and the walls would come down.  God went on to tell him what to do once the walls were down and he would have possession of the land.

God is faithful, he is not man and can not lie. What are your Jericho walls today?  What blessings and promises have God given you and you know in your heart of hearts that it is but it hasn’t come to fruition yet?  It is time to break down those walls with a faith filled shout unto God, the Father and claim and take possession of what is yours.

God has given us promises and it is time that His children walk in those promises so that God is given the glory and that the world see just how powerful He really is.  We don’t serve a wimpy, weak, confused, selfish God.  He is all mighty with strength beyond measure and what we can comprehend.  He is loving and giving and has planned an amazing life for each of us.  Now is the time.

Shout down your Jericho walls today!!!! Won’t God do it?!!!!!

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Walk in LOVE For God is Love

We must learn to walk in love.  We have to let go of pass hurts.  Rejection is not always from the devil it can be for your protection.  Therefore, God is protecting you and keeping you on His ordained path for you to have something so much better. Stop holding on to those who have hurt you.  Let it go.  Forgive them from your heart this day and ask God to forgive you for not walking in love.  Don’t have ill will towards anyone and show love to all.  God will take care of everything, you just walk in love.