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Friday’s Fruit

It is Friday!!! Fabulous Friday! I am sure this week you were expecting a move of God in some area of your life or your family’s life.  And to the human eye you haven’t seen anything.  You see no movement whatsoever in the natural.  Well rest assured that your assigned angels, God, and Jesus have been very busy making sure that everything is aligned for your prayers and petitions to be birthed.  So today I tell you to wait on the Lord.  Wait for His appointed time and thank Him for it.  It, what ever it is, is already done.  It was created before you were put in your mother’s womb and labeled with your name on it.  No one else can have it.  It is custom made just for you.

Again, I encourage you to wait on God’s perfect timing.  When you receive what you have been seeking, praying, fasting, petitioning God for it will be more than what you ever imagined and it will be grounded in such peace that ONLY GOD CAN GET THE GLORY.  So stay encouraged.  Friday is the end of man’s work week, it is surely not the end of God’s promises nor does it mean that the window has closed on God to be able to do just what He said.  This is not Friday’s Finale but it is Friday’s Fruit so eat of the fruit of the vine and rejoice in what God has for you.  Even you will be amazed!


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Thirsty Thursday

Can you believe how fast this week has gone by?  When you reflect on it, did you include God in your daily walk?  Did you confer with Him on all decisions that you made this week?  Did you ask Him to use you this week?  Did you spend time reading His word this week?  Did you wake up everyday with Him on your mind?

Reflect and mediate daily and be sure to include God.  If you didn’t take the time to read and pray you should be pretty thirsty for His word about now.  You can’t have snacks all day every day and not end of starving your body of nutrients by week’s end.  You must indulge in daily walks, talks, and guidance from God.  It is the only way to truly feed your spirit what it needs to be sustained.

Don’t wait until Sunday to eat and drink.  Enjoy at least three meals everyday that is based in the Lord. During your breaks today quench your thirst as you have a little talk with Jesus.

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Friday’s Fruit – Relationships

My youngest daughter asked me to record her giving advice to girls about dating last year and I came across the recording and it really stuck out to me.  She was advising girls to slow down and let love find them and not to rush towards love or try to force relationships.  This is the thinking we should have as adults. We should not force relationships besides sometimes on the surface people appear totally different from what they may be on inside.

Relationships create soul ties and soul ties can be a dangerous thing if it is not a soul tie ordained by God.  Guard yourself and allow God to lead you at all times.

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Monday’s Mission

It is Monday and we are blessed to have a job to go to, that we woke up this morning and that God’s mercy and grace is anew in our lives once more. Today be on the mission to bless someone.  Even if it is not in deed bless them in thought.  Walk in love and it is easy to bless others.  Let God lead you and you will be even more blessed because you were a blessing.

Have a miracle filled Monday!

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Fridays Fruit- A Mother’s Love

Fantastic Friday Everyone!

I guess I should have made this post last weekend since it was leading up to Mother’s Day. However, I was so busy with graduation with my daughter that I forgot to post my Friday Fruit blog.

There is nothing like a Mother’s love.  A mother is there for you at all times.  She prays for you, walks the halls at night when she is worried about you and puts you before herself at all times.

There is nothing like having a praying mother.  Those prayers cover you going and coming and they sustain you.  They hold on to you when she can’t.  She knows the power of prayer and that all things in your life must be centered around God and that God must come first in your life.  A mother knows what you don’t.  She has experienced what you have yet to experience and she has been given a sixth sense to know when something is not right with her children.  A mother knows.

If you still have your mother devote time to her daily even if it is just a phone call.  Spend time with her and ask questions that will continue to carry you on this journey called life.  And never forget that there is no love like that of a mother for her child. A mother’s love is untouchable.  It is the most precious commodity you will have outside of the love of God and Jesus Christ. Cherish it every day. There is no one like your mother.