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Epiphany on Prayer!

I am so grateful for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  The time I spend in meditation when I can is priceless.  Here is the epiphany that I just got from direction of the Holy Spirit about prayer.

To repeat the same prayer over and over again will lead you to doubt.  In the natural if you ask a friend to keep your car over the weekend while you are out of town.  You tell the friend you trust them with it and you will pick it up when you get back.  Now if you go back to that friend and take the key back that shows you had second thoughts and perhaps you don’t trust anyone to look after your care.

Well praying is the same way.  To keep praying the same prayer over and over again is like taking it off of the altar of God the Father as if you don’t trust that He will do it or that He didn’t hear you the first time.  Have a prayer life of praying for those in need and to do God’s will at all times and be in thanksgiving once you pray about a thing, person, desire, etc.



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When You Pray….

When you pray believe that you receive.  Don’t wait until after you see it to believe it but in your heart believe that it is so because you have prayed in faith.  God is not weak.  He is not a liar. He is not slow to respond. He is REAL.  He is waiting on our request.  Even our assigned angels are forever before Him petitioning for us.  Trust God and believe. Don’t miss out because doubt keeps trying to creep in and blind you from what God’s word says. TRUST God. He is so real and His word is more real than anything you can see today.

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What is your definition of “Hope”? When you say I have been praying on this and I sure hope God comes through.  Are you in a place of doubt or I have to wait and see what God is going to do?  If so that is not the true definition of “hope”. The definition of hope is:

a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

a feeling of trust.

There is nothing in this definition that sounds like doubt.  This definition sounds like someone who is waiting in expectancy.  I believe that when the bible speaks of hope it is speaking of having a feeling of trust that God is going to do just what He said. We must be careful not to let mind doubt turn into heart doubt.  Believe and hope and trust in God the Father. He is faithful.

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Friday’s Fruit

Another work week is about to come to an end.  We made it through! There are weeks when it feels like Friday will never come. As you go into this weekend I encourage you to reflect on the differences in things in the spiritual arena and the world. For example: we are taught that the color red usually means something bad.  If a company is in the red they have not budgeted well and that isn’t good for them. If someone is stung or bitten, typically the area becomes red and people will say the area looks angry. We are taught that when driving red means to stop. If someone is angry some will say his face was as red as fire.

But when I think of the color red I think of peacefulness, I think of grace and mercy, I think of growth, I think of cleansing, I think infinity. You see my mind automatically goes to the blood of Jesus. Why am I writing all of this? To show you there is more than one way to perceive things and there are times that through the cleansing process we need to change how we process the meaning and signs of things. Make a conscious effort to reflect on the differences in the spirit and in the world.  The world will praise things that God has specifically written in his word that causes damnation unto your body and soul.  Yet the world sees it as a freedom to express yourself or be true to yourself. In my opinion to really be true to yourself is to discover who God created you to be according to His word. So as the world praises some expressions, the righteous are grieved and pray relentlessly for those people. As you are reflecting be careful not to become judgmental, just simply note the differences that are so prevalent in our society today.

Find time to mediate without interruption this weekend and enjoy the presence of the Lord.