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Reading the book of Genesis with my 8 year old

My daughter and I read the bible together every night, quote scriptures and pray.  There are times when we have a small study session about what we read. Last night my daughter asked me a question that I am not sure how to answer, therefore, I will be doing some research so that I can have an educated voice towards her question. We were reading the part of Genesis that speaks of God talking to Adam, Eve and the serpent. God told the serpent that he would forever crawl on his belly.

Peyton’s question to me was is the serpent a serpent or is he the devil?

I am not sure how to answer this question factually because I am not sure of the timeline as to when the devil was thrown out of heaven.  I know we have not read that scripture as of yet because we are only in the beginning of Genesis.  I would love to know the thoughts of those reading my blog.