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Faith Always Brings a Good Report

In God’s word we read about when God had promised Moses the Canaan Land. Some of the men(12) were sent in to bring back a report of what they saw in the land.  Only two came back with a good report.  Faith always has a good report. They reminded everyone that the God they serve is well able to secure the land for them regardless of what enemies are in view.

God had promised them the land.  All they had to do is go in and claim their land. They knew all the great things the land possessed for them. They were well able to overcome it because God was with them and they had God’s word. Even with God’s word they all wandered in the wilderness for 40 years when they could have been living the absolute best life that God has promised and prepared for them.

View Canaan Land as all of your rights and privileges given unto you by God our Father. That dream that has been planted in you should not be overlooked or delayed due to fear or other current circumstances. That dream is your right and privilege for you to grab hold of today. Trust in God.  Don’t accept second best by not living in your purpose here on earth.

Look at that situation and speak the good report trusting in God without any doubt.  Do not be double minded yet stay in constant faith with your focus on God.


Dr Lisa Melton


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Rest in God

When you were a child you rested in your parents all the time. You didn’t worry about a place to stay or food to eat. You knew your parents would take care of that.
This is the same attitude that we should have towards God our Father as an adult. Why should we worry. To worry is to expect something that is not so good to come to us or upon us. Why would God do that? He loves us so much. Trust Him. He got you.