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My Life Story as Written by Me

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My Life Story as Written by Me
Lisa M

I’ve decided to write my own life story
Don’t need no one to write it for me
For I see it all with my eyes shut and heart open without negativity coming in
I see it from the end and I know I will win
I don’t see me as the mirror so cruelly reflects
I choose to not see it like that
The words of others would be judging dialogue and misconception
Mine would be of growth and revelation
My words are the canvas all perfect in itself without boundaries
My energy transforms the words and the light surrounds me
When I sought the truth like a flood it came rushing in
I learned that to be true to myself meant I must first be my own friend
The goal is To win at this journey called life
Truth lead to freedom and clear insight
So I will write my own life story for all the world to read
Don’t need anyone else to write it, their view I don’t need
Each day their is a new page and colors to choose
As long as it’s me writing it I can’t lose
You see my words are of triumph and victory
My words are all that God created me to be
So I’m writing my life story based on what I don’t see
Sit down and read it for a little with me


Author: inspiremetotally

I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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