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Where Is My Freedom

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Where is my freedom, where can it be
Invisible shackles and bullets killing me
You give me a voice just to steal my words
You twist things around and silence my essence to never be heard
The whips in the woods are replaced with guns in the light
How long will this darkness escape the night
As slaves black homes were destroyed
Centuries later we still ask where is the black father, please help us Lord
Where is my freedom to really be me
Why should my babies have to face being hung from a tree
Where is the value of what my people built with our hands
Did it without tools, money, books and land
Tears of my forefathers that flowed like rivers and carved valleys for today
But where is my freedom when you silence the very words I say
Where is my freedom
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Author: inspiremetotally

I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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