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as the stars dance with the moon and the clouds flirt with the sun

angels in heaven sing a new love song

to not see the beauty in life is just wrong

as the wind performs with the leaves and the rain adds a newness to all it touch

to miss out on living is a bit much

as time continues to fly and never goes in reverse

too many of us are living like this is our moment to rehearse

the curtains are open and stage is set

live like no one is watching, a life without regret

as another dream takes a spot in a desolate place

too many are afraid of what they must face

to seek the ultimate truth should be a driving force from day to day

to understand that energy can’t be formed into any words to say

as the world turns to a precise rhythm in time

all things will be revealed with the renewing of our mind






Author: inspiremetotally

I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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