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The Drive Thru…..

I used to think that drive thru restaurants were the best thing ever.  I loved the way I was accommodated and didn’t have to get out of the car.  I loved the fact that service was fast and I got exactly what I ordered.  Well over time that changed.  Service begin to get slower, my order would be totally wrong and there were times when I had to pull up and literally park until they brought me out my order.

One day it hit me that I was treating God and my prayer time like a drive thru.  How dare I think that once I get off my knees that what I had prayed about would physically appear immediately. Now in the spiritually realm it is done immediately.  However, it is God’s timing that pulls it into my reality. I had to align my heart with my actions and watch how I was unintentionally treating and viewing my God, my precious Savior.

God is not a drive thru.  My request to Him can’t be just that a request to satisfy my emotions for this moment in time.  A request that doesn’t allow me to bless or uplift another person. I had to really take a good look at myself, my intentions, my heart and my relationship with God.  Was I serving Him for what He alone could give me or was I serving Him because of a love that can’t be measured or put into words? I had to reestablish my position with Him and Him alone.

I got all of this from a Drive Thru window and I am so grateful for the nuggets that God gives me along the way.  God’s timing is perfect and it can’t be rushed.  Don’t have a drive thru mentality, be patient and trust in God’s response and timing.


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White Butterflies

For the past two days I have seen white butterflies flying around my car door and my front windshield.  They have been almost translucent in color and just freely flying around.  After this happened three times in day and again this morning I had to research it and see if there was any meaning written about White Butterflies.  Here is what I found out. Whatever the meaning I so adore butterflies!! They are just beautiful.

The butterfly and its association with the soul spans across many cultures and beliefs, such as Christian, Greek, Chinese and Japanese. In Greek myth, Psyche, which translates to “soul,” is represented by a butterfly. In the Christian culture, a butterfly is often found on ancient tombs, and Jesus Christ is seen holding a butterfly in Christian art. In dreams, a butterfly is considered to mean a turning point or transition in life.

I look forward to a turning point in life for the betterment of me and my family. So glad that my white butterflies are showing up to encourage me during theses hard times in life. It has made me believe even stronger that God always send me and all of us what we need at the right time.