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Sign of the Times

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When I was younger my grandma used to say that certain things were surely a sign of the times. She was speaking spiritually. I still didn’t get it until I heard a prince song one day called Sign of the Time. This song and his movie Graffitti Bridge painted the clearest picture of just what my grandma was telling me. This movie by Prince didn’t get the recognition it deserves because it was way before its time and many didn’t get it. But the song was embraced by mainstream radio.

In light of all that is happening today with the presidency I once again hear my grandma’s voice in my head and heart saying, ‘baby doll it’s a sign of the time see Jesus is soon to come.’ Love is gone and hatred is overflowing in the hearts of many. It’s ok to judge and not like others because they are different from you or because they are viewed as a threat. Makes you wonder where is the love. We need love and unity today more than ever.

Just like in Prince’s movie Graffitti Bridge when he asked God those hard questions and wrestled with the why factor of life and ultimately had a clearer understanding through his experiences with an angel sent to help him in the midst of being hated on and judged. His main point was that we need love. We need to walk in it and embrace and hold on to it because in the end that is the greatest power we can hold on to in our hearts. And in the song Sugn of the time he gave a breakdown of all the things that simply were wrong with the way things were being handled.

However, this intensely divisive state we are in won’t be rectified in a few hours. We are now inside a cycle established by those who dared to open the Pandora box of differences and it has set is on a path of possible destruction. I don’t see either side backing down. This is a new generation who will not conform to the rules and demands of the past. They value their individuality and many see their worth and are demanding their right to the American Dream.

The new face of civil war is at hand. We must pray and put all of our trust in God. For He alone is our King. The way and the light is truly God. So be encouraged and just know that on earth there is a pending transferring of power but in the heavens and on a spiritual level God’s power will never be transferred from Him. For He will never change He is the one force that will always remain.

Be blessed and encouraged for God is still in control and in the midst of all of this His love abounds.


Author: inspiremetotally

I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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