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Cinderella, Not Just a Fairy Tale… Spiritual Version

Another one of my favorite childhood stories was Cinderella. I still love to watch the Disney movie version of it! I just find so much joy in watching a happy ending to everyone’s story. As I recently saw a clip of the movie as my daughter and I was watching a dvd lately it brought back such fond memories for me. Just the joy during that time in my childhood. I even remember going to a store on main street Ahoskie, NC and getting the book from a store called Popes. I read it every day for a long time.

In case it has been a while for you since you have read the book Cinderella, it was all about a beautiful young girl who lost her mom at a young age and the father remarries. The woman the father marries was not a good person and her two daughters were just like her. They moved into Cinderella’s home and took over while her father was away. Sadly to say her father never came back and the step mother ran things as she wanted to.

Now Cinderella started off having a wonderful life. She was loved by her mother and father and her home was filled with love. Cinderella in turned loved all things and all people. Then a turn of events begin to happen and one thing after another turned her perfect, comfortable, loving world upside down. The one thing that didn’t change was Cinderella’s heart. She continued to love all things and all people. As a child reading this book I got just the happy ending part. Sadly to say the events that lead up to her happy ended that stood out to me was the fairy god mother and her finding true love and living happily ever after. All the other aspects of the story never stood out to me as a child, which is probably normal.

As an adult as I reflect on this story I get so much more from it. As an adult I can so relate to her in so many ways. Thank God I haven’t lost my parents but I do relate to the part where your happy home is turned upside down and then you have to find a new normal a new sense of peace to continue to be happy and be about love on this journey of life. For me it was getting married. I thought it would be forever and I would be so happy and one day it was just over. No fixing, no help, just over. When someone comes into your home and their true intentions are not revealed immediately and then the real life with that person begins it can really take you for ride. I mean it can really drain you and put you in a place where you are not sure of who you are or where you are going. A divorce along with other life events turned my world upside down.

But I thank God that because of my faith in Him, that I knew that whatever the situation, it was not my ending to my story. I knew the promises of God and I held tight to His word in my heart and I knew the best was yet to come. Instead of sending me a fairy god mother he sent some praying people along the way to pray for me and instill a sense of victory in me. He also sent me the comforter, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit kept me held up in the presence of God. For I knew that the turmoil was a distraction to get me off route of where God was taking me. I knew that if I held on that the storm would be over and that peace would rush in like a gentle breeze. I know that my story is still being written and I can say that all is well with my soul and that I too am walking into my happy space again with God as the head of all that I do, say, think and want.

So no matter what you are facing and what you are going through just know that it is not how your story will end. God has set us all up for a wonderful life and of course a plan of happily ever after where He is the core. Never give up and never look at where you are presently as where you will always be. God has a divine purpose and He has great plans for you. Hold on to His word and ride out the storms. The love of God will see you through and you will live happily ever after.

Dr. Lisa Melton


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The Three Little Pigs…Not Just for Kids/Spiritual Version

As a child I spent a lot of time reading, writing stories I created, and listening to kid music. One of the stories I was very fond of was the Three Little Pigs. I just adored this book. I remember reading it over and over again.

In case you have never read this book it is about three little pigs who grew up and their mom was preparing them to leave home. She wanted them to be safe more than anything else because she knew the wolf was always scheming to eat them. According to the story each of the three pigs left home at the same time and they each set out and did their own thing. Two of the little pigs really liked to enjoy life so they weren’t trying to work hard. They wanted more time to just be free and dance and really enjoy life. One of the little pigs was more serious. He was a hard worker and wanted to get his work done before he would seek out fun. He also wanted to be sure he took his mom’s advice about being safe because he knew the wolf was out there.

So one little pig built a house of straw. Another one built a house of twigs. The third one built a house of bricks. The little pigs who built their houses of straw and twigs were out having a good time. Playing music, dancing and laughing. Not even being watchful and heeding their mom’s advice about the wolf. They also laughed at their brother who was taking his time building a sturdy house of bricks. This little pig was a hard worker with a vision and a plan. He knew that the brick house would protect him from anything.

One day the big bad wolf showed up to their neighborhood. The wolf stopped by the little pig’s house that was built of straw first. He knocked on the door and the little pig wouldn’t let him in. He warned the little big that he would huff and he would puff until he blew his house in. The wolf did just that and the little pig barely escaped being eaten by the wolf. He ran for shelter at his brother’s house of twigs. The wolf knocked on his door too. The second little pig wouldn’t let him in either. Him and his brother were now getting scared. The wolf told him the same thing that he would huff and puff until he blew his house in. And that is what he did. This sent both of the pigs on the run to their third brother’s house to escape from the wolf. The third little pig with his house of bricks let his brothers in. He was safe inside cooking him a hot pot of soup in his fire place. The wolf came shortly after his two brothers got there and knocked on his door. The third little pig wouldn’t let him in either. The wolf warned him that he would huff and puff and blow his house in. The third little pig wasn’t worried at all. He knew his foundation was strong and that his bricks were sturdy. The wolf huffed and puffed but couldn’t blow his house in. So the wolf decided to be slick and come down the chimney. Just when he reached the chimney his tail hit that pot of hot soup and the wolf yelled and ran away.

The three little pigs lived together after that and they were not worried about the wolf coming back to bother them.

As an adult this story means something more than just an entertaining story. I can see how parents feel when it is time for their children to leave home. Parents instill right from wrong in you. They teach you about God and to have faith so that you can sustain yourself when storms of life come. I see the wolf serving as satan, always around trying to tempt you to ultimately destroy you. But if you are grounded in the word of God and you have a relationship with Jesus and you have a vision and a plan then you will be ok. You will overcome the obstacles and distractions. I see this story from a whole different lens now and I can see the importance of preparing our children for the future and for life on their own with God as their foundation, their rock.

As you meditate on God’s word after reading this post think about which little pig you are in life and if you are truly grounded and standing on a firm foundation.

Dr Lisa Melton

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The Wizard Of Oz; Is it truly all pretend?

I have always loved the Wizard of Oz!! I loved the black and white version and I loved the Wiz too!! I loved the version that showcased Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and I love the new version with Stephanie Mills and Queen Latifa!! Something about the entire storyline that has always mesmerized me.

As an adult when I look back at the Wizard of Oz and the Wiz I can’t help but see how truly realistic and true to life the movie really is.

Each of us can surely put ourselves in Dorothy’s shoes. She was a young girl trying to get home. Her journey made her long for home even more. It made her love and appreciate all of the familiar entities of home. And as she was trying to get back home she met some amazing characters. Each of which contained a trait that each of us must have to be successful in everyday life. It was amazing how the author showed how each trait connected and how the combination of the traits gave strength, purpose and direction on the journey.

Also, while on the journey Dorothy was faced with an enemy who had it out for her and had plans of keeping her from returning home. Isn’t that like the enemy? He will put road blocks and diversions in our way to keep us from our destiny.

But throughout the movie Dorothy kept her focus on her goal which was to get home. No matter what happened she would keep her path and follow the yellow brick road. When I think in this aspect of the movie I see my bible as being my yellow brick road. Every direction I need is in there. All of the things I need to successfully get to my designated place in life is laid out for me. In it lies my protection and every weapon I will need to fight through the delays, battles and detours.

Are you on the yellow brick road trying to get home? If so take the time to look at the people and things put in place to help you on your journey and never lose your purpose. Depend on your bible for it is leading you to golden roads and total joy.

There is no place like home! No place like home!


Dr Lisa Melton

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Never Give Up

Have you ever prayed and believed God for something so passionate to you and over time begin to lose faith? Have you ever felt stupid and weak for believing so strongly in that one thing? I’ve been sent to tell you to never give up. When you feel that it won’t ever happen is the exact time God is preparing it for you to take hold of it at that very moment. Where would we be in life if we gave up and if those before us gave up? Life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

Dont set a clock to your requests and desires of God. God does not wear a watch and time doesn’t define or hold Him to anything or any promise. By putting time limits on your prayers you are only setting yourself up to lose peace joy faith and moments in this lifetime. Rather believe and trust in God. All things will be at the precise moment they are destined to be. Regardless of what it looks like and feels like just stand strong and keep your focus on God Himself. Not what He can give you but who He is and all His glory!

i have included a link to remind you of all those who didn’t give up along the way. Every element of life as we know it today would be drastically different if any one of these people had given up.

Keep believing and keep reaching for your dreams. Never forget that there are no rejections just preparations that propels you to your destiny and there are no failures just learning experiences that makes you and what you are striving for better and better.

Resource’t find an Arthur name)


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The Ugly Duckling… Beauty in all things

As I sit here on lunch and pray and ask God for His forgiveness of my horrible repetitive sin (worrying) I am reminded of a story I read when I was in elementary school. The ugly duckling  is a fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. In the story of the ugly duckling  he is born in a barnyard, the last of the eggs to hatch and when he appeared from the egg he is considered ugly. When the mother duck takes all of the ducks to the pond the ugly duckling was the best swimmer of them all and he really enjoyed the pond but hated the barnyard.  On the farm everyone was ,mean to him so one day he decides to run away. On his journey to where ever he was running to, he came across a river.  In that river he saw many beautiful big birds swimming. He watches them and wants to be a swan just like them. Winter was approaching so the lake soon froze over and the duck continued to hide himself.  Once again spring comes and the duck comes back to the river.  This time instead of running away from the beautiful swans he decides to swim with them.  Once he got in the water he saw his reflection and discovered he was one of those beautiful swans! At least this is how I remember the story.

Reflecting on this story as an adult I see so many lessons in it for me.  One thing I take away from this story as an adult is that it doesn’t matter what it looks like today or yesterday that change will surely come. I also see that what many consider ugly has great beauty embedded within it and it is just a matter of time before the beauty is revealed.So never judge a person from where they are at the present moment. Life and time has a way of unveiling the most magnificent things! I also learned that the duckling thought he was running away and others probably viewed it the same way.  However, the duckling didn’t run away, he actually ran to his destiny.  He walked away from all that he knew and set out to find happiness.  That took great courage.  There are many of you who are very comfortable right now and this may cause you to fear the unknown even more.  However, if you walk into a new job, new city, new state it will only lead to beauty and you walking in your complete destiny.  It doesn’t matter how people view you or what they say, God has the final say so and He spoke your life’s story before you were even planted in the womb. Surely greatness lies within and ahead of you all the days of your life. Enjoy the ride and let God lead you. For surely your steps are ordered and there are no mistakes, just roads, mountains, valleys and rivers to take.  Each allowing you to learn and explore but in the end if you faint not no matter which turns you take on the road you travel you will still end up exactly where God has destined you to be!


Psalm 37:23 King James Version

23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.


Dr Lisa Melton

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Just Like Pure Gold… Through the Fire

When I was growing up I would hear people say that things were just like pure gold.  Meaning that whatever they were talking about was just so good.  I also remember as a child my grandfather wanting a gold chain.  I remember watching old westerns where the characters were mining for gold. I can vividly still see the rappers with the big cold chains on TV. It seemed as if  all the stars on TV had those gold necklaces and they were so shiny and pretty that I too wanted a gold chain.  Just something about that shiny object that just draws you to it.

I can also remember as  child my maternal grandma saying that when God changes you and takes you through the fire you come out like pure gold.  From these words and events I learned quickly that gold was one of the most precious things on earth.As I have grown I have learned a little something about gold.  Did you know that gold is not formed here on earth? It is actually created inside massive stars when they explode into a supernova.  So actually gold came to the earth many years ago via asteroids. Gold is mainly in the earth’s core and still very precious.

I believe it is precious for many reasons. One reason is that gold is something that has to be mined.  It is not just laying out freely in the open so if you want it you surely have to work for it. Did you know that throughout history man has actually only collected enough gold to fill about 60 trailers?  Not a lot I know but it is true according to research. And there is at least 8 times more gold than that under the oceans. See just how precious gold is? Did you know that gold must be purified and it is melted down with temperatures of about 1000 degrees.  The impurities are removed as it rises to the top and then the gold is dried and  it becomes a powder. The powder is then melted again and from there it is purified more and molded into shape.

When I think on this information I can’t help but look at it from a spiritual perspective.  Remember I told you my maternal grandma used to say after God changes you, you will come forth like pure gold? Well look at how precious we are in God’s sight. So precious that He takes the time to allow us to go through the fires of life and from those experiences that He allows us to endure we come out like pure gold.

Look at it this way. You are going through so much that you feel that you are not even sure if you still recognize who you are when you look in the mirror and when you search your heart. Many friends and family walk away because of all of the things you are going through.  Things are coming at you back to back and you just want a break.  Just one good day when nothing is a struggle and things just seem to fall into place each second and step on that day’s journey. Well that is when you are in the fire.  You are in the fire until you are melted down and those ashes are turned into beauty and you arise with new strength, new purpose and a new understanding of God’s purpose for you. You are soaring on the wings of an eagle and you are proud of your transformation.  You now look back and appreciate the pain and are comfortable with saying to God, “Not my will but your will be done”.  You come forth shining like pure gold!

You also need to realize that if God Himself created a mineral this precious and placed it in the core of the earth, how much more precious are you to Him.  He doesn’t want you to freely give yourself to a man, or woman or a job or some other must have obsession.  He wants you to guard your heart and see your value and carry yourself as the precious being that you are.

So the next time you are going through just tell yourself that only gold can withstand the fires that you are currently in and that you are surely not alone.  Jesus is standing there with you and He is building on your creation and molding you into your destined being.  Stand tall in the fire and know that you are precious just like pure gold.


Dr. Lisa Melton