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The Wizard Of Oz; Is it truly all pretend?

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I have always loved the Wizard of Oz!! I loved the black and white version and I loved the Wiz too!! I loved the version that showcased Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and I love the new version with Stephanie Mills and Queen Latifa!! Something about the entire storyline that has always mesmerized me.

As an adult when I look back at the Wizard of Oz and the Wiz I can’t help but see how truly realistic and true to life the movie really is.

Each of us can surely put ourselves in Dorothy’s shoes. She was a young girl trying to get home. Her journey made her long for home even more. It made her love and appreciate all of the familiar entities of home. And as she was trying to get back home she met some amazing characters. Each of which contained a trait that each of us must have to be successful in everyday life. It was amazing how the author showed how each trait connected and how the combination of the traits gave strength, purpose and direction on the journey.

Also, while on the journey Dorothy was faced with an enemy who had it out for her and had plans of keeping her from returning home. Isn’t that like the enemy? He will put road blocks and diversions in our way to keep us from our destiny.

But throughout the movie Dorothy kept her focus on her goal which was to get home. No matter what happened she would keep her path and follow the yellow brick road. When I think in this aspect of the movie I see my bible as being my yellow brick road. Every direction I need is in there. All of the things I need to successfully get to my designated place in life is laid out for me. In it lies my protection and every weapon I will need to fight through the delays, battles and detours.

Are you on the yellow brick road trying to get home? If so take the time to look at the people and things put in place to help you on your journey and never lose your purpose. Depend on your bible for it is leading you to golden roads and total joy.

There is no place like home! No place like home!


Dr Lisa Melton


Author: inspiremetotally

I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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