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The Three Little Pigs…Not Just for Kids/Spiritual Version

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As a child I spent a lot of time reading, writing stories I created, and listening to kid music. One of the stories I was very fond of was the Three Little Pigs. I just adored this book. I remember reading it over and over again.

In case you have never read this book it is about three little pigs who grew up and their mom was preparing them to leave home. She wanted them to be safe more than anything else because she knew the wolf was always scheming to eat them. According to the story each of the three pigs left home at the same time and they each set out and did their own thing. Two of the little pigs really liked to enjoy life so they weren’t trying to work hard. They wanted more time to just be free and dance and really enjoy life. One of the little pigs was more serious. He was a hard worker and wanted to get his work done before he would seek out fun. He also wanted to be sure he took his mom’s advice about being safe because he knew the wolf was out there.

So one little pig built a house of straw. Another one built a house of twigs. The third one built a house of bricks. The little pigs who built their houses of straw and twigs were out having a good time. Playing music, dancing and laughing. Not even being watchful and heeding their mom’s advice about the wolf. They also laughed at their brother who was taking his time building a sturdy house of bricks. This little pig was a hard worker with a vision and a plan. He knew that the brick house would protect him from anything.

One day the big bad wolf showed up to their neighborhood. The wolf stopped by the little pig’s house that was built of straw first. He knocked on the door and the little pig wouldn’t let him in. He warned the little big that he would huff and he would puff until he blew his house in. The wolf did just that and the little pig barely escaped being eaten by the wolf. He ran for shelter at his brother’s house of twigs. The wolf knocked on his door too. The second little pig wouldn’t let him in either. Him and his brother were now getting scared. The wolf told him the same thing that he would huff and puff until he blew his house in. And that is what he did. This sent both of the pigs on the run to their third brother’s house to escape from the wolf. The third little pig with his house of bricks let his brothers in. He was safe inside cooking him a hot pot of soup in his fire place. The wolf came shortly after his two brothers got there and knocked on his door. The third little pig wouldn’t let him in either. The wolf warned him that he would huff and puff and blow his house in. The third little pig wasn’t worried at all. He knew his foundation was strong and that his bricks were sturdy. The wolf huffed and puffed but couldn’t blow his house in. So the wolf decided to be slick and come down the chimney. Just when he reached the chimney his tail hit that pot of hot soup and the wolf yelled and ran away.

The three little pigs lived together after that and they were not worried about the wolf coming back to bother them.

As an adult this story means something more than just an entertaining story. I can see how parents feel when it is time for their children to leave home. Parents instill right from wrong in you. They teach you about God and to have faith so that you can sustain yourself when storms of life come. I see the wolf serving as satan, always around trying to tempt you to ultimately destroy you. But if you are grounded in the word of God and you have a relationship with Jesus and you have a vision and a plan then you will be ok. You will overcome the obstacles and distractions. I see this story from a whole different lens now and I can see the importance of preparing our children for the future and for life on their own with God as their foundation, their rock.

As you meditate on God’s word after reading this post think about which little pig you are in life and if you are truly grounded and standing on a firm foundation.

Dr Lisa Melton


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I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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