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My Father

Just like a gentle breeze blowing through the leaves
God speaks to me
His loving arms and sweet protection
Unconditional love beyond ordinary affection
He smiles upon me and I exhale
With Him by my side in my soul all is well
He guides me on the righteous path and protects me along the way
Because of Him I have new mercies day by day
His healing virtue throughout me flows
Just how sweet He is to me no one really knows
His touch is so precious and nothing can compare
Such a peace in knowing that He is everywhere
With each step I take my angels wings lace my path
He is the purest love I’ve ever had
He is my joy and one true love
So grateful for my Heavenly Father up above



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Purple rain grew the most beautiful violets that my doves reside in now
They bloom all year long, cold can’t reach them somehow
A purple veil has hid what was to never be seen
Some things are just for you and God, do you know what I mean
As people talk and plans fulfill my residue grows stronger
Love explodes and my energy will last longer
Remember my presence and all that I whole heartedly still give
Most importantly love God, to thine own self be true and no matter what LIVE LIVE LIVE


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Just Imagine, Can You

Just imagine, Can you

Just imagine a whole new world
Peace and love for every boy and girl
Where the clouds are all purple and diamonds are the rain
A place of joy and no more pain
No lies just the truth
Can you

Just imagine no rejection exists
There is no hierarchy list
Where material things are purchased with your heart
Daytime was everlasting, we wouldn’t know the dark
The brightest of lights forever shining through
Can you

Just imagine if life was never ending
We would use 100% of our brain so all things are comprehended
Where emotions had it’s place and knew of no control
Where we grow to be a kid and we’re born old
The absolute truth based in faith is all we knew
Can you

Just imagine

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Hurt Game…Acceptance or Tolerance

Relationships are hard work. There are so many layers to emotions and love. Someone can hurt you so bad that you will turn around and respond in a way that causes hurt unto yourself.

The things that hurt us the most are the things we accept or at least say we accept. We say we can tolerate him having close female friends yet in your heart it bothers us and we desperately want him to change. If you are wanting the behavior to change you haven’t accepted it at all, you are simply tolerating it. You see what you falsely accept will always make you regret. ┬áRegrets lead to hurt and it all becomes a circular game that we play like monopoly trying to win.

Never forget that you can not have acceptance without tolerance but you can have tolerance without acceptance.

Be true to you and that other person and stop demanding from them what they aren’t equipped to give you at this time. Don’t invite hurt in when you don’t have to. Enjoy the evolution of your relationship as your heart remains open unconditionally and free.