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The Little Red Hen…Attitude is Everything No Matter the Situation

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There is a children’s book called “The Little Red Hen”. This is an awesome children’s book that really shows how we should treat each other and how it is always good to help someone because they can help you one day too.

I know I am always bringing up children’s books but they offer the most simply and necessary life lessons. In the story of the Little Red Hen comes across some seeds of wheat. She was excited and quickly asked her friends who would help her plant the seeds. Everyone of her friends turned her down. Not one of them would help her plant the seeds so she planted them by herself.

She planted the seeds and once the wheat grew she asked her friends who would help her gather the wheat and grind it into flour. She asked her friends again and each of them turned her down. So she said she would do it herself. Once she had turned the wheat into flour she asked her friends again who would help her take the flour and turn it into dough. Again each one of her friends turned her down. So she made the dough and baked it by herself.

When the dough was baked the Little Red Hen once again asked her friends who would help her eat the bread. Each of her friends gladly said they would help this time! But the Little Red Hen’s response was epic. She declined their help. When she really needed them they didn’t want to help her. But once the end result had come through and her friends could personally benefit from her labor they all wanted to help then.

Now she could have worried about this and stressed herself out and gotten sick and gave up along the way.  But she chose to keep her focus on the end result which was going to be fresh bread for her to enjoy.  Her attitude and focus is what gave her the story the ending that you had. She didn’t put all of her attention on the present no that she was getting from everyone but she kept pushing her way through and made it happen for herself.

Isn’t this how real life is. God gives us dreams and passions and gifts. Many choose to follow those dreams and use those gifts. But it is a long hard process and it doesn’t happen over night. While you are working hard to manifest what you know God has put in you to do many friends will walk away from you, laugh at you, talk negative things about you and not even believe with you. These are the friends that once your dream is birthed that you can’t afford to allow them to come along for the ride. Now you can surely bless them with the fruits of your labor a time or two but you can’t allow them back into your immediately circle and allow them to take the full journey with you. Remember that the person who doesn’t support or believe in you the entire time will be the one who is always waiting for you to fall. You can’t have that kind of energy around you when you are birthing a dream. You have to stay focused, work hard, and never see yourself without walking and living in that dream. Just because someone gets on a bus with you doesn’t mean they get off with you too. Guard your passions and gifts and carefully pick your friends. The journey is too priceless to carry dead weight.

So what is it in life that you have come across to do and no one seems to want to sow into your journey and dream? Don’t hold it against them. Forgive them and move on but never forget the lesson learned in the process. And always, always ignore the NOs along the way.  Consider that word steps that lead you straight to what you are birthing.  Faint not and it will happen even if no one around you help, it shall be as long as you believe.

Dr Lisa Melton


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I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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