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Transformation… The Life Cycle of a Butterfly in Relation to Us

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Have you ever really studied the life cycle of a monarch butterfly?  Have you really thought about the processes of its journey that leads to a totally new creature in the transformation?  I have found a great video clip on youtube of this wonderful journey.

In reflecting on this journey I thought of it in terms of our daily, monthly, annually travels and things that we all go through and face.  The beginning of the butterfly’s life starts off as a tiny egg on the underside of a leaf.  When the caterpillar first comes out of this shell it is tiny.  So tiny that it is a wonder that they survive at all and that due to their size that they aren’t stomped on and killed as soon as it is born.  In time the caterpillar gets bigger and it sheds it’s skin a few times. Each time it propels the caterpillar into a new life cycle. Then one day it sheds for the last time and it is secured within a shell.  After it is in the shell there is a point in time where it is extremely still, no motion at all.  Then suddenly the butterfly comes through the shell and begins it’s new life.

Thinking of this process, you can see how our lives imitate the process of the butterfly.  With each trial, defeat, rejection and road block in life we shed those elements and we take on a new life cycle that will propel us into our destiny. It is in the part of the storm where there is a great stillness and silence that we are birthed into our purpose. And just like the butterfly we take flight with the powers of our spiritual wings and the art of our very being brightens the lives of those we come in contact with either indirectly or directly.  What a beautiful process to this journey!

Credit to the creator of this video.



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