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The dancer and the miscarriage..There is life after death

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There was once this talented dancer. When she danced it was magical. Each movement was like butter. Her dance teacher and peers were so impressed with her talent and they all knew she had a bright future. She came from a broken home and her mom worked a lot to make ends meet and to afford her dance classes.

As she got older she became stressed out with dancing. She wanted to be the best in the world and she wanted more than anything to get into the school of  Juilliard. It’s all she dreamed of.  Despite her obstacles and lack of physical support from family she graduated high school and got an audition for her dream school.

The day she dreamed of her whole life was finally here. Her time to shine in her audition. This is the open door to propel her into her destiny. During the audition she got nervous and realized she missed a few key steps in her routine. She lost confidence midway the routine.

A week later she received a letter in the mail and since it was a thin envelope she never bothered to open it, she didn’t want to read a rejection letter, she didn’t want to be rejected.  That day she made up her mind that she was taking a break from her dream and start doing other things that people her age did.

This was a huge mistake. Soon she got with the wrong crowd and her vision in life became distorted.

You see she miscarried her dream based on an emotion nothing factual. As the seasons changed and she found herself miserable she came across that letter and saw that it was an invitation from Juilliard to come and perform another dance for them. She cried from her soul because she alone altered her dream.

She picked herself up and decided not to give up on her dream. She begin to train harder than ever before. She wrote letters and had her dance teachers  write letters too on her behalf to the school. By the grace of God she was granted another audition the following summer.

She kept the faith and confidence and she got in! She decided to get pregnant with her dream again and this time she carried it to term. You see life is never ending and it is found in all things and it is always resurrected.

Birth your dream. The world is waiting on you to give birth. What you have inside you will make a mark on the world and what you have is needed by so many.

There is always like after death. Live it strong, live it hard, live it loud, live it free and always live it in faith!


Author: inspiremetotally

I write because it is my passion. It's what I do everyday it is my God given gift. Writing is love, life and power! I pray my words help someone get through this journey called life.

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