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Can they take your Jesus? A bullies mistake

I learn so much for my daughters. They say things that totally shifts my perception and places my thoughts outside of the box that my life experiences created and holds me captive with the illusion of total freedom.

Here is an example of what I mean. Last week at school my ten year old was bullied. The older student told her if she had a gun she would shoot her in heart and she would die and have to stay outside the gates because she couldn’t go into heaven.

Now as a mom I was hurt, concerned, upset and almost anxious. Administrators never called me and the student wasn’t ordered to stay away from my baby girl.

Now as I was in my feelings over this situation thinking of the school shootings and bullying that go on almost monthly my daughter had a whole different perception of the entire event,

When I questioned her about it later that night her response blew me away. She said it didn’t bother her that she would shoot her but it bothered her that she told her she wouldn’t get into heaven. She said, “Mom I want everyone to know I’m a Christian and my goal is to go all the way to heaven”. She said that is what upset her the most.

Until I viewed the incident from her lens I only thought of my baby’s safety here and she was thinking beyond this life. She gets it that this flesh is temporary and she didn’t care what the girl did to it. She cared about her soul getting to heaven to be with Jesus and the Father.

What a revelation from a ten year old. So don’t take my Jesus because heaven is my home.


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Time the irreversible force

Lately I have been thinking a lot about time. The older I get the faster it seems to go. There are so many days and moments I wish I could recover and just bask in those moments once more. But time is irreversible and it can’t be controlled.

Time is not going to slow down for you. It’s not going to give you reminders of the precious gems embedded in each measure of seconds. When I think about it time is just as precious as life. You can’t give someone their time back, once the moment/event is over it’s just over. No do overs just residual memories laced in emotions and wrapped in our six senses.

Time is mystical on so many levels. Like how was time put into motion? How is it that it never stops on earth or in heaven? And how does it measure differently? How can its essence be so strong that a simple smell can propel a fifty year old back in time to their third grade class and the fragrance their teacher once wore? How can one song make your heart race at the thought of your first dance. It’s nothing less than amazing.

Treat your time with respect. Appreciate each second of each day. Even though time is infinite not all forms will remain the same. When you take your last breath time for you in this form is done. Whatever you left undone will remain undone. That dream, that movement to change the world, those summer plans are all left unbirthed.

Don’t take for granted that time will begin again tomorrow or that the dawn will usher you into a new day with unknown elements measured by time. Love your life enough to live it freely and without limits or reservations. Live like time is about to expire and ride the waves of life with no regrets and with unapologetic passion to be the best you during this dash of time. Pack as much life in that dash as you again because time waits for no man.



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5 Facts about Soul Ties

Have you ever heard of a soul tie? A soul tie is when you are spiritually connected to another person. Here are 5 facts about soul ties.

1. Soul ties are strong and not easily broken

2. Soul ties can hinder new relationships from growing

3. Soul ties can be negative or posituve

4. Soul ties can lead to generational curses

5. Prayer is the only way to break a soul tie

Do you have a soul tie? If so has it been positive or negative? Have you benefited from your soul tie or is it weighing you down?

Regardless of your answer to these questions, what are you going to do about your soul tie?

Ties really do bind! Be careful who you intertwine with because it can and will have lasting effects.

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Freedom is…..,,

I was thinking of just being free. And my perception of freedom at this point in my life is to be financially free so that I can go where I want to go when I want to go and I can give to others whenever there is a need. At this time I’m not free. I have to go to work so I can pay bills. I can’t travel the world with my daughters and grandson like my heart desires.

In all honesty if I was totally free I would be packing my bags right now and flying to Paris to take my daughter sightseeing. I would come back to the states and stop in Minneapolis and visit Prince’s home. Both places my daughter would beyond adore! As a mom I’m determined to build a legacy that will allow my daughters to have whatever their perception of freedom is. Life is too short to be caged.

Decide what freedom is to you and make every effort to reach that place of freedom.

Today, young hearts run free!

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Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and this year it will be bitter sweet in a couple of ways just like it was for me in 1991.  In 1991 it was my first mother’ day. And sadly my granddaddy was buried the day before Mother’s Day. It was a hurtful time for me, my sisters, my mom and my grand mom.

Now fast forward to this year, 2017 and it is another sad event. This is the first Mother’s Day in my entire life that I won’t spend it with my mom. It is also sad for me because we laid my aunt to rest yesterday.  So many emotions flowing through me right now. My mom is my best friend and it feels weird knowing I won’t see her tomorrow on her day.

Everyone who has a mom should cherish and love her.  Be with them just to be in their presence. There is nothing like a mother’s love. A mother can’t be replaced, her unconditional love, tremendous sense of security and an essence of belonging is simply priceless. So if you are blessed enough to have a mother alive please be with her and honor her on her special day. She risked her life to bring you into this world. She has made sacrifices that you will never know of. All because of her unconditional love and devotion for you as her child.

Enjoy every second of your time together. It’s time that you will never get back so bask in the joy of it. And to those who no longer have their mom here with them still celebrate their memory. Do something that meant a lot to them and something that would make them proud. The love is still there, death nor time can disrupt the love between a mother and her child.

Proverbs 31

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Erase the box by remembering the tree

Have you ever asked yourself, “is there more to life than this”? I think most of us have. We need not focus on what we don’t have or where we are but focus on our purpose.

You see when we are born we aren’t conscious of death, fear or limitations. It’s the residue of life that creates fear and limitations. We put ourselves in a box of security with fear being the tape that holds us locked in. We don’t truly live our lives but just exist in a limited capacity that doesn’t allow us to reach our true purpose.

At the beginning of time we learn about s tree , the tree of life. Before the partaking of this tree man didn’t know fear death or limitations. Man only knew freedom. Freedom of being themselves in its purest unconditional form.

Today I challenge you to erase your box by remembering the tree. Spread your wings and fly beyond what you can even imagine. What is your box? What is limiting you?

Take flight and change the world! Live out your purpose and soar.

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Why Aren’t all prayers answered?

We will all reach a day when we will ask ourselves, “why didn’t God answer my prayer”? It’s a question that may pop up more than once in your life time. Personally this came up for me in the midnight hour when I got the text that my aunt had passed. I was in shock and disbelief. To get this information literally just hours ago I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Texting one of my sisters with tears streaming at 4:30am we were both saying we didn’t understand why it turned out this way when we were praying for healing for her. All we felt were hurt and sadness.

Words immediately came to me as I was speaking to my cousin, her son, and I sent him the poem as soon as I wrote it hoping it would ease up his pain even if just a little.

My aunt was the funniest, best story tellers I have ever known. She was so funny and full of life. She loved church, clothes, shoes and good food. She would be the life of every family gathering we had.  When I saw her just a few weeks ago she had me and my mom and one of my sisters laughing non stop.

How can someone so full of life no longer be here just like that?  A laugh and voice that will never fill the air again in this place and time. It’s just hard.

But after I was surrounded by silence and the text messages stopped momentarily I realized that God knows best in all things. Don’t misunderstand knowing this doesn’t stop the tearful breakdowns and my heart is still heavy. Even though some of us was praying for total healing someone else may have been praying totally for God’s will to be done .  With that in mind I can’t say God didn’t answer the prayer. He answered it based on His infinite knowledge and His plan for my aunts life that was put into motion well before she was even put in her mother’ womb. When God wrote her story He knew the day of her departure from this earthly realm. He knew the how the where the when and the what.

i know for days to come many will give us kind words of encouragement and try to give us peace but this journey is a process and many words we will never receive in our hearts due to our pain and hurt.

One thing we all know and acknowledge is that God heard our every prayer and He is with each of us now and that He was ready for our aunt even though we weren’t. And with Him she is free well healed and ever living.

if you are dealing with a lost please don’t dwell on the hurt too long. Grief has stages and to get stuck in one stage too long is not good for you.  Rejoice in the memories, laugh out loud at this funny times and keep that person in your heart forever.