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Mother’s Day

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Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and this year it will be bitter sweet in a couple of ways just like it was for me in 1991.  In 1991 it was my first mother’ day. And sadly my granddaddy was buried the day before Mother’s Day. It was a hurtful time for me, my sisters, my mom and my grand mom.

Now fast forward to this year, 2017 and it is another sad event. This is the first Mother’s Day in my entire life that I won’t spend it with my mom. It is also sad for me because we laid my aunt to rest yesterday.  So many emotions flowing through me right now. My mom is my best friend and it feels weird knowing I won’t see her tomorrow on her day.

Everyone who has a mom should cherish and love her.  Be with them just to be in their presence. There is nothing like a mother’s love. A mother can’t be replaced, her unconditional love, tremendous sense of security and an essence of belonging is simply priceless. So if you are blessed enough to have a mother alive please be with her and honor her on her special day. She risked her life to bring you into this world. She has made sacrifices that you will never know of. All because of her unconditional love and devotion for you as her child.

Enjoy every second of your time together. It’s time that you will never get back so bask in the joy of it. And to those who no longer have their mom here with them still celebrate their memory. Do something that meant a lot to them and something that would make them proud. The love is still there, death nor time can disrupt the love between a mother and her child.

Proverbs 31

Happy Mother’s Day!


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