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Without Fear You Can’t Break the Chair: Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

As a child I loved the story of the three bears. There was never a time that I heard it that I didn’t place myself in their house in my mind. I mean I could actually imagine myself in every room.  It was just something about that adventure that Goldie Locks took.

In case it’s been a while since you read or heard the story of the three bears allow me to reintroduce it to you, well my version of it.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Goldie Locks. She was adventurous and curious. She lived near a forest. Her parents always told her not to go into the forest because it wasn’t safe. Well one day she wandered into the forest and came across a house. What she didn’t know is that a family of bears lived there.

Before she got there the three bears were up having breakfast. But since the porridge momma bear made was too hot they decided to go for a walk.

While the three bears were on their walk Goldie Locks came upon their house. She knocked on the door but no one answered,  so she went in. When she got in she saw the bowls of porridge on the table and decided to try some. She tasted momma bear’s porridge and said it was too cold. Then she tried papa bear’s porridge and said it was too hot. Then she tried baby bear’s porridge and said it was just right and she ate it all gone.

Next she decided to sit down and rest for a while. First she sit in momma bear’s chair and said it was too soft. She then tried papa bear’s chair and said it was too hard. Then she tried baby bear’s chair and she said it was just right. While she was sitting in his chair it broke all to pieces.

So she decided to go upstairs and lay down for a while. First she laid on momma bear’s bed but it was too soft. Next she laid in papa bear’s bed but said it was too hard. Then she laid on baby bear’s bed and said it was just perfect. Soon she was fast asleep.

While she was sleep the bear family came home. When they walked in baby bear said someone has been eating my porridge and ate it all gone. He begin to cry. Then he said someone has been sitting in my chair and broke it all to pieces and he cried some more. Next the bears went upstairs and baby bear said someone has been sleeping in my bed and yells there she is!

Goldie Locks jumped up and ran home and never went back to the forest again.

As an adult as I think of this story I get a whole different visualization. I visualize freedom strength and fearlessness.

This children’s story speaks volumes to me now. I see that Goldie Locks had no fear. She decided to explore the unknown and tried out things along the way and found what was best for her. She learned what she liked and was brave enough to see each element through.

Thats how we should be in life. We should not fear the unknown and we should set out in adventures and discover what we like and what works for us. It took each experience in order for her to find what was just right for her. If she had fear the chair would have never broken and she would have run out crying.

In life fear can keep you from your destiny. Right now you may have dreamed of packing up and moving to a new state but you keep talking yourself out of it. How do you know what adventures are out there? Maybe your promotion is there. Maybe your spouse is out there. Maybe an overwhelming peace is out there but you are too afraid to go.

Dont allow fear to stop you. You can always go back to the familiar but until you step into the unknown you have no way of knowing what lies ahead.

So this weekend set out on a new adventure and leave fear home. If you break a few chairs along the way it’s ok. The experiences will make the journey.


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Oh To Be Like an Eagle. I would…..

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we as humans could be like an eagle? To have the ability to do the things they do truly amazes me.

For example, eagles don’t fly in flocks. They don’t fly among other birds. They typically fly alone and to high altitudes. To transfer this over to a human it would mean that you would not be among people who are not like you. You would realize to fly high alone you would reach heights unknown to most. There would be no distractions or others around to hinder  you.

If we as humans had their eyesight. Eagles have keen vision. They can focus and see things at a distance that other animals can’t see. As a human if we would focus on God He would show us what we can’t see. We would be able to see things through wisdom and therefore seeing things way before they reveal themselves in the natural.

Eagles get excited when a storm comes. They realize that they can use the storm to rest their wings and to just glide along. Oh to be like the eagle. As a human we hate the storms in life. We dread them, complain about them and resist and resent the very presence of s storm. But if we as humans could take on the characteristic of the eagle we too would be excited in the storm. We know that during the storm God is carrying us. He is holding us in ultimate protection and it is a time that we can just rest in His arms and glide out the storm. We would know that the storm is allowing us to be elevated to a place that man has never seen before.

Relationships!!! Now this is an area that’s always impressed me. The female eagle is bigger and stronger than the male. She doesn’t come easy. The female eagle will see a male eagle. She will then fly up high and swoop down and get a twig and fly up high again with the male chasing her. She reaches a certain height and drops the twig. The male takes off to get the twig before it hits the ground and brings it back to her. This goes on for a while. Each time the female eagle flies to a higher elevation and drops the twig. If the male passes the test then and only then will there be a relationship. You see she knows her worth. She shows him how high she can go in her own and she makes him work for her. You see you value what you work for a lot more than what someone just hands you.

Eagles are intelligent and we can really learn things from them. There is so much in nature that God put for us to pull from. So in life become an eagle. Not a chicken who can never fly but so far off the ground or any other bird who can fly to the tree tops but never beyond. Be an eagle and fly above the storms to heights that no other bird can. Be strong, focused, restful, confident and value oriented.

This is something I’m teaching my girls. Below is a clip of my youngest telling her friends at school that she doesn’t want her or her children to be a chicken but she wants to be an eagle. Let’s instill this trait in all those around us daily.


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The Invisible Woman

As a woman we have multiple roles. Many of us are mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, supervisors, friends, daughter, and so much more. On any given day we can also be a doctor to our kids, a counselor to our friends, a mechanic, a plummer and this list can also go on and on.

I think to many people the things we do go unnoticed and that is why I call us the invisible women. Many of the things we do aren’t noticed until they aren’t done and even then it doesn’t seem like the light comes on to all those this effect that it was us doing those things the whole time.

We sacrifice so much and give so much, so that the rhythm is not thrown off for our family because if we are not flowing together no one has a good day. So we sacrifice that five more minutes in the morning because breakfast must be made and snack and lunch bags must be prepared. The alarm clocks have to be followed up by our voice and gentle touch. We sacrifice the gym time, the me time and girlfriend outings all in the name of responsibility out of necessity to keep things in order.

There are days when we want to scream, cry, not make one more decision even if it is what to cook for dinner. We see ourselves but do others really see us? Do they see every part of us? Do they see our complicated nature at times, do they see the trace of tears because we had a good cry in the shower this morning as we were shampooing our hair? Can they see our strength to carry every emotion, every concern on our shoulders that weighs more than any man can conceive? Can they see the trauma we have within our body from becoming a mom? Really can they see me and you?

So this makes us invisible women. Being invisible makes us powerful. We have a strength that is inevitably undetectable until we like the wind don’t reveal our role for just a second.

Draw more strength from your invisibility  and know by no means does it take anything away from you nor does it dictate or confine who you are to your core. Like the wind you are force to be reckoned with and your presence is realized even when you the physical being isn’t.

So rise today in your gentle way like the sun bringing forth light to help others walk through the darkness. Rise up and be the miracle you are to all who need you and pulls from your strength. For it’s not in vain it’s our purpose. Be encouraged with everything you do today! Rise Up in Love! Rise Up!



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The Rose in the Rain:In Loneliness There is no Gain

As loneliness wrapped itself around me like a blanket on a cold winter’s night, I starred out my window at my rose bush

I sit in awe of how the delicate petals didn’t fall apart at the pounding of the rain. It was pouring so in my mind each rain drop must have hit each petal with the speed and pressure of a bullet being shot from a gun.

I watched as each rain drop carved its own path on the respective petal and left a glistening residue of its presence with no apparent harm to the petal at all.

After the rain had stopped the petals still firmly in place, had no wear and tear to the natural eye.

The clouds dispersed themselves to a level in the heavens that I could no longer see and the sun appeared with a fierce glow, boldly claiming its place in time.

Thats when it hit me. Loneliness, even though it’s a true feeling, really doesn’t have to take a seat in my life. For a brief moment I felt that raw hurtful emotion peel away from me as you peel away the skin of a fruit. It was all so clear to me.

God has something for each of us all the time. He gives us these natural elements and moments to be with us, to entertain us, to take our attention from ourselves and to simply bask in all He has created for us.

As the raindrops had just bowed after an amazing dance with its selected petal  on my rose bush and as the clouds took their final spin as it twirled off the dance floor in the sky as pure entertainment to the sun, how can loneliness take root? It has no place in my space.

The rain taught me on that day in that moment that all things are a choice. A choice whether made consciously or unconsciously or created from the tools of my mouth or built up and strengthened through fear. Ultimately I have the choice to choose loneliness or to choose joy and contentment.

You see, if God cares for the flowers enough to give them water, nourishment and a touch from Him in all of His infinite glory then surely His Holy Spirit will indulge me if allowed and shower me with a feeling of love so strong and intense that it radiates through my being as the sun radiates upon the earth.

So today loneliness has lost its grip on me. It will not be welcomed and nursed any longer. I have a dance to do and it’s called life. A dance lead by my Father, serenaded by nature and enjoyed by the world as with each step I leave a mark to say I was here, I was here, I was here!


Song by Beyoncé


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The Little Girl in Back of Classroom. Rainy Dais….To Be Continued…..

There was a little girl named Rainy Dais. She was quiet and insecure. She came a racially diverse home that wasn’t stable. Her dad was never there and her mom worked a lot and hung out a lot. They had a sure fire system though whenever her mom went to work or out with friends.  Rainy knew not to touch the phone unless there was a single ring followed by three rings. Then when the phone rang again she could answer it. And by no means was she ever to answer the dooor.

Her days were long because cable was off more than it was on. Same thing with their lights. So she fell in love with books she would get from the library at school. Those books gave her life. They took her places she never thought she would go. They kept her company.

Growing up with honey colored skin and a white mom made Rainy not feel so pretty. When she looked in books she saw her mom and not her. In her little six year old mind that meant she was ugly.

At six, Rainy got herself up each morning and if there was Cereal or pop tarts she would eat before dashing out to catch the bus. She always loved school. It was her safe place. Even though she didn’t have friends and sit to the back of the class, she still loved being there. First of all she wasn’t alone. Second she was around people and she could listen to them talk to see how life was for others.

Seasons changed but not Rainy’s situation. She even felt invisible at school. No one ever invited her to a sleepover or birthday party or even to play at recess. The teacher never said much except for the occasional “tell your mom that you really need a clean top” or ” did anyone help you with your hair today”. There was never a positive meaningful exchange. Being six and invisible was hard but it was easier than being six and alone in the dark at home.

Time went by and it was now May. Not much had happened at school until now. In May there was a new student in Rainy’s class. She would smile and sit next to Rainy every day. After being there a few weeks she started bringing double snacks and sharing them with Rainy. They begin to play at recess and sit together at lunch. This new student didn’t notice the dirty torn clothes, the unclimbed Curley golden hair and how tired Rainy’s little eyes looked. She only saw a friend.

The school year came to an end and Rainy’s moments of happiness packed in a 8-3 day had ended too. Just as abruptly as the summer switching to fall, her joy had left.

The summer brought change for Rainy.  Rainy’s mom had begin staying out more and more. There were days between meals and hearing her mom’s voice. Her mom kept bringing home different people who weren’t good for Rainy. Rainy found comfort in her books. She only had four that she got from school and she had read them over and over a hundred times.

They provided her with an avenue of escape. They gave her the chance to be someone else, somewhere else everyday.

Well time rolled on and Rainy grew up. She never forgot the new girl who saw her the invisible girl when she was six. She often thought of her classmates because it had been years since she had gone to school. Little Rainy Dais had to skip her childhood along with school because of life.

To be continue…..