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If I Could I Would Is How I Feel as a Mom

Tonight I was talking with one of my best friends and we were talking about how stressful it is to be a mom, a single mom to be exact. We spoke of how we would cry the tears of hurt for our daughters if we could. We talked about how we want to protect them from bullies and bad teachers and the unexpected pains of life or just having a bad day. We talked about the anxiety of not being able to protect them from all the things that we have no control of.

As adults and as parents we now understand all of the things our parents did and said to us as kids teens and young adults. It’s hard to put into words how deep the love of is as parents. We would move mountains to make them smile. We would sacrifice anything for them to live out their dreams.

Being a parent is a precious gift and it’s not one taken lightly by many of us. Our love is indescribable and can’t be measured. We thank God for trusting us with such precious gifts! We strive daily to be the best parent possible!

Take a listen to this song by Regina Bell. It is the closest I can get to describing how I feel about my children.





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Midst of the Storm

Storms in life come out of no where. The winds will rock your faith back and forth and leave you wondering if you even have faith the size of mustard seed. This past week the storms were raging. Anytime someone comes at my kids it puts me in instant warrior mode. I mean I will lay my life down protecting them. With each storm there is a lesson and you come out wiser and stronger.

So last week on two different days two different students bothered my child at school. One pulled her chair out from under her and she bumped her head and another day a student didn’t like the way she was playing volleyball in PE and walked up to her and slapped. Now you all have no idea how angry and hurt I was. My daughter is the one walking the halls praying in her head for others. She is the one taking up for kids being bullied or who are crying.  Then she had a secretary call her to office and fuss at her for calling me with her teachers permission.

For all three incidents I reached out to the school depending on them to do something. But I was still so angry.  I haven’t been this angry in months so I knew I had to pray and trust God to move on Peyton’s behalf through those at her school.

On the day of the last incident, when I picked Peyton up and she told me all that had happened I said that’s it we are leaving here because this is crazy. My ten year old daughter that had endured all of these things gave me a word. She said, “Mom we can’t leave. God sent me here and I am at the door of my blessing so the devil is going to all he can to throw me off and make me leave. But we aren’t leaving. I’m not here to make friends or to have them love me. I’m here to learn and grow and build myself up for my career. My destiny is clear.”  I was floored. I couldn’t even say anything else. God spoke to me through my baby and I heard Him loud and clear. My daughter said this is spiritual and she was right.

Her words took me back in time. I remember when I was a child I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandparents. They didn’t have air conditioners but they did have fans. But when a storm came up all fans were unplugged, all TVs unplugged and all lights turned off. We had to sit together in the den, sweating up something and no one could talk. My grandparents said you should respect God’s work.

So from this memory I was reminded to shut up in my storm. I had to stop complaining stop fussing about it to anyone who would listen and put it in God’s hands for Him to handle. If I kept that anger and kept trying to make the wrong right in my own strength there would be no change. I’m so glad that God reminded me that He is my anchor. I’m trusting in Him for peace for healing and for His presence and His unconditional love to fall upon my daughter’s school and that it is not removed as long as my child is there.

So next week if you have storm don’t get angry but rather be quiet and be still once you take the issue to God and be still and know that He is God and He got this! I pray this songs stays in your heart all week. All is well with my soul!


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When Love Runs Out

It’s never easy to let a relationship go. But to hold on to something that is forced and no longer natural is too hard on your heart and spirit. We must keep in mind that some relationships are for a reason and a season and some are forever. We also must be able to rightfully discern when a relationship transitions to just a friendship and accept it for what it is and as it is.

When you realize that the love you nourished, trusted in, prayed for, sacrificed for, lost family and friends for has run out and the course has ended it is a painful thing. The emotional scar runs deep due to the soul ties established. It’s not easy because you have to conform to a new normal and realize that what was once natural is no longer the same.

You must not dwell on the pain of it or the loss. You must remember the good times and celebrate the growth that came with it all. You must also find a way to celebrate what is about to be birthed in your life. For when one door closes another one opens. You are now in position to be with who God created for you. You must be thankful that the loss love was the last step in pulling you into the position in life that you are now ready for the real thing the everlasting, unconditional thing.

So dry your tears. Lift your spirits. Celebrate yourself and praise God for this unwanted change in events. Get prepared for your new blessing! It’s coming because you are now free and ready for it!

When love runs out a new love, unconditionally based in destiny approaches!!! Love love love!!!!

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When Tomorrow Doesn’t Come

Tomorrow won’t come for everyone. Losing people I have known has lead me to ask myself what do I do when tomorrow doesn’t come for someone I love. It’s a hard thought to have. To know that one day what has been so normal routine and constant will be no more.

This is why I’m choosing to walk in love in peace and without judgment. I’m reminding myself daily that I can’t take anyone I know forganted because we never know when we will see or talk to someone for the last time. Therefore I’m making the conscious effort to be sure I am not carrying any bags on my back. I want to have a peace of mind that I showed love and care to all I meet regardless of their actions. I can’t concern myself with what I can’t control I can only be present and be in love to show the smallest glimpse of Jesus to those on my path.

To have a chance to tell your mom and Dad your siblings relatives and friends that you love them is such a precious thing. Such a powerful force that makes a difference shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What are your thoughts on the fact that tomorrow may not come for many? Did you show love to them today? Did you take the time to just be present with them and savor the moments?

Life takes flight and not even time can cancel out the transference of energy from one form to another. We have to respect the power of Love energy and dimensions.

Never forget that all you have is truly the second you are in, nothing else is a guarantee.

Tomorrow may not come.