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Storms to make you grow…Don’t get too comfortable that chair won’t always hold you


Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a storm and you just wanted to catch your breath in life and just exhale? There are times when it seems that storms are crashing your life daily and you can’t find a rainbow or shelter to weather the storm and find comfort. All storms are not just a plan from the enemy. The storms are allowed by God to help you grow.

Every seat in life won’t be comfortable and the view won’t always be crystal clear and focused. This is purposeful so that you will be forced to move and readjust yourself.

Im learning daily to look for the good in life in all things. Instead of being upset by this awful traffic in Ga I use the time to meditate and just talk to God. I’ve learned that in the delay could be protection for me and that…

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The Hands of Time


Each second time moves on
There are no do overs once a moment is gone
With each moment something new is birthed
Everything shifts even the earth
The flight of time will never be contained by man
For only God holds time in His hand
So as the hands of time rotate by me
I don’t like the fact that so much of life has passed me by and I didn’t even have the sense to see
See the beauty in each moment because I was rushing right by it
Trying to get to something else that I thought was a better fit
The taste, the feelings, the moments I missed
The love from that unnoticed guy, the tears cried, a rejected list
But those hands of time kept on rolling, not for one second did it wait for me
It is what it is and it’s all as it should be
So I won’t look at time and measure my day by minutes
For when I do that I’m not really living in it
In the essence of the moment and all that it has to offer and show me
For infinitely our energy and spirit will always be
Never bound by time but driven by the energy of love
For there are no true measures or limited ceilings above
Just a timeless existence
So don’t watch those hands of time, it just causes resistance

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Time….Don’t let daily distractions take your time

We rush through our hours at work waiting and longing for the time to get off. We rush our days longing for the weekend. We rush our teenage years rushing to be grown enough to be on our own and do what we want. All the while we are rushing to the grave.

We are ignoring our dash and we can’t see it. Each moment holds a treasure that we will miss if we are rushing through our time just to get to an unknown moment. For we see not the future, we simply want to race through our life believing the next moment, hour, day, month or year will be so much better.

Take some time and slow down and deliberately enjoy your day. Choose to live in the moment with joy. For time may very well be a delusion that is distracting you from walking in your ultimate blessing.


Time is the only measure of existence here on earth
Yet we rush our time
Time in an extremely fast motion only makes the appearance of the thing you are watching disappear
Energy can’t be contained and with God as our highest power we are an unbounded entity with the ability to roam without walls and transport without limits
We must learn to tap into our true form Of existence and change the world before the day in which all we know is transformed into what we once knew
Our power is untapped unlimited and unknown to the human mind while it is governed by the flesh
We truly are what we were before the journey and the fall
And we will be again


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Acceptance Vs Surface Tolerance.. Lauryn Hill Forgive Them Father

There is a huge difference in true acceptance versus tolerance. I wonder with all that’s going on in the world and with what happened in Charlottesville Va as a nation were all ever accepted or just tolerated on the surface.

Only love can conquer hate and only light can erase darkness. It is sad that in 2017 these seeds of hatred and unacceptance is being planted in our babies. Do we really want this to develop and grow in this new generation coming up?

It is affecting everyone of all ages trust me our babies are ingesting this in.

This was my ten year olds response to it. She asked how can this world go on much longer like this.