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I Was Thinking of Transformation

Source: I Was Thinking of Transformation


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Message To Myself

Love your life! Love God! Love hard! To thine own self be true! Don’t dwell on yesterday! Don’t anticipate tomorrow! Be purposefully present in this very moment! Dance! Laugh until you cry! Put things in the wrong place! Walk in the rain! Recognize and live your passion! Ask yourself daily, “if today is your last day is this how you want to spend it”? Be free from opinions and bondage! Live Live Live with no regrets!

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Alone or Lonely

I woke up one day alone but quickly realized I wasn’t lonely. I wasn’t sad or depressed. I was empowered with a new perception.

I decided I was tired of waiting for someone to put ice in my sodas, milk in my tea, jam on my biscuits, peas in my rice and soap on my back.

I realized in that moment I’m not alone because I have me! Yes I have me! And I have an omnipresent God who never leaves me.

When I put the ice in my soda He stands there silently observing me ready to suggest creative ways for me to set my table in His presence.

I’m just loving on me for the moment! Love on yourself today!!!


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If scientist are correct and our tears contain elements that can be manipulated and be turned into energy then why do we view tears as a weakness and many times when we cry do we feel weak and helpless. Perhaps our tears should strengthen and empower us to create the life we want rather living the life we fear we may have? Very intersting article.

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Do you trust God?

Have you ever been real enough with yourself and questioned if you really trust God? If so were you brave enough to be honest with yourself and say “NO”? When we are worried and anxious and frustrated in our waiting we are in a state of doubt and uncertainty. Those things are not attributes of trust.

Accordung to Webster here is the definition of trust:

1 a :assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
b :one in which confidence is placed
2 a :dependence on something future or contingent hope

You see when you think of the definition of trust you will quickly see where you stand. God’s character is that of ability, strength, truth, hope and love. If we know that this is the character of our Father why do we doubt? God will never lie to us. He wants to bless us. He wants us to birth our dreams because they are a part of our purpose here on earth.

Never forget that a delay is not a no. It is a state of preparation and growth. If you truly trust God in your heart you will see your prayers answered. God will not withhold any good thing from you. You have to trust in His timing, in His word and in His character.

Change your perception of your delay. When you go out to your car do you think to yourself,”this car won’t start”? When it’s payday do you think to yourself,”they may not even pay me?” The answer to these questions are most likely no, these thoughts don’t cross your mind. So you have trust in your car’s ability to start up. You have faith that who ever is in payroll at your job is doing their job and your money will be deposited into your account. If you can trust in your car and in someone in a department that you never see and have never met and have no clue to his or her character, then why not take a chance and trust God in your heart? Believe and think to yourself that God is answering my prayer right now, that what I have been praying for is being manifested right now. Walk in expectancy.

Dont get discouraged. If doubt tries to slip in speak to it and tell it to go then quote your scripture related to your prayer that shares the promise God has made to you in reference to it. Never give up hope or stop believing. Keep dreaming, envisioning it, speaking it and making room for it in your life. It will surely come to pass.

So now tonight ask yourself that hard question, “Do I trust God with my heart”? If the answer is no ask Hod for forgiveness and turn your faith in Him on high.

Watch it happen and give God the glory! For only by His might do our dreams come true. Trust Him, put your hope in Him, He will never let you down.

TRUST: Today Rest Until Stuff Transpires. God will not tarry.


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As energy transfers me to a place of no return I acknowledge that I can’t be fully present and yet live in the past. As your vibrant colors of nature serves as the background for my daily walk on this earth I know that you hold all things in your hands. I find peace in not knowing what tomorrow holds because I know you hold tomorrow.

As my spirit soars as my body rest I know that my potential is endless and that there are no boundaries in what I will be in this life. I trust that no promise will return unto you but birthed at its appointed time. I am proud to be your daughter and I aspire to be more like your son daily.

So in the nighttime when through the silence that comes with the ending of another day I indulge in your presence and turn my thoughts totally to you. Thank you for your colors your sounds your energy and your power.

Just as all of nature sings it’s praise to you I too will consciously worship and praise you. For it is written you inhabit the praises of your people and your presence is priceless and pure.

You are the truth the way and the light. Thank you for being all things to me.

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Letter to My Father

God forgive me for every time I tried to make you small. For every time I thought my plan was better, for every time I tried to put you in a box, for every time that I held On to someone or something too long as you were pulling it away from me. Forgive me for taking the simplist  of things for granted. Forgive me for my doubts and fears. Forgive me for not loving myself enough to choose the right path. Forgive me for holding up my own blessings. Forgive me from holding on to hate and hurt. Forgive me from turning left when I knew you told me to turn right.

For I know you are all knowing all powerful faithful and just. Your wisdom is infinite and time is nonexistence with you. Nothing or no one can stop what you have put in motion and regardless of what the physical components see or feel I know you have all power and control.

Thank you for loving me, forgiving me and saving me. Your patience with me is beyond comprehension and I am grateful.

Loving you always,

Your daughter