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Never Let Yesterday Be Your Today

Never let yesterday be your todsy

The pains and joys have both passed away

Never let yesterday be your today

Take the new mercies and be on your way

What has passed will never be again, so with the darkness of night let it be the end.

With the dawn let there be joy and excitement of a new day never before seen

Embrace what living in the present really means

Never let yesterday be your today for the pains and joys have both passed away.

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Give Yourself a Gift Called FORGIVENESS

Many of us are givers by nature. We are at our best when we are giving unto others. We even feel more fulfilled to give than to receive. As I grew older I noticed that one reason why I felt more fulfilled when I gave was because I didn’t feel worthy enough to receive. I felt that if I gave then I didn’t expect anyone to give me anything and if I didn’t expect it I couldn’t be crushed by disappointment or rejection.

Due to this perception I found myself making bad choices, doing things for all the wrong reasons and not loving myself.

But then I discovered God’s forgiveness. When I finally forgave myself for my past and for my failed marriage I was set free. I found my joy and strength.

i had to forgive myself for my part in all the hurt that I endured for years. Forgiveness healed my broken heart and crushed spirit. Forgiveness is a powerful thing. Forgiveness will heal you physically and mentally, it will add years to your life and it will allow you to grow and transform into the best you you can be.

I encourage you today to forgive others and yourself. Know that your past served a purpose and that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Walk in forgiveness and be free.

Forgiveness is the road that leads you to total freedom. ¬†You can’t even imagine the heights you will soar once you put down those bags of hurt. Fly free into your destiny.

Forgive, live, love and walk in peace.

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Back to school prayer for our babies

It’s time for our babies to go back to school. We have to cover them daily in prayer. This year my prayer is including the teachers administrators cafe workers custodians and bus drivers. I pray that they understand how much power they have over our babies lives. I pray that they understand that their words and actions can make or break the spirit of our children. I pray that they don’t come in judging our kids but loving them unconditionally and giving 100% of themselves daily. I pray that they understand the seeds they are planting and how they can do and say things that can dig up seeds and stop fruit from growing. I pray they understand how serious their job is beyond those walls. May God remove any who will harm our babies and give strength to those who are in it for all the right reasons. God our babies need you daily and I pray that the blood covers every child every day and that nothing happens to hinder their joy or purpose.

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Too Tired To Give Up and Too Scared Not To Fight:Under Construction

I’m tired, so tired and scared
I want to rest but I don’t want to shut my mind off because I’ve fought too hard to live
I want peace and joy and an unstoppable drive
I want to laugh for the next decade to make up for all the tears I’ve cried
Grateful is an understatement when speaking of being alive
This has been a journey with an unexpected ride
So I will paint on my smile and hold my head high as I keep looking to my Father above
For only He knows my true heart and how I rest in His love
So tired, yet I will run on with a zest in my step
For God has me under construction and I have a lot of life left
Laugh with me on my good days and never lose your faith with me
This life is far from over thank God for all He is and all He made me to be