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Can they take your Jesus? A bullies mistake

I learn so much for my daughters. They say things that totally shifts my perception and places my thoughts outside of the box that my life experiences created and holds me captive with the illusion of total freedom.

Here is an example of what I mean. Last week at school my ten year old was bullied. The older student told her if she had a gun she would shoot her in heart and she would die and have to stay outside the gates because she couldn’t go into heaven.

Now as a mom I was hurt, concerned, upset and almost anxious. Administrators never called me and the student wasn’t ordered to stay away from my baby girl.

Now as I was in my feelings over this situation thinking of the school shootings and bullying that go on almost monthly my daughter had a whole different perception of the entire event,

When I questioned her about it later that night her response blew me away. She said it didn’t bother her that she would shoot her but it bothered her that she told her she wouldn’t get into heaven. She said, “Mom I want everyone to know I’m a Christian and my goal is to go all the way to heaven”. She said that is what upset her the most.

Until I viewed the incident from her lens I only thought of my baby’s safety here and she was thinking beyond this life. She gets it that this flesh is temporary and she didn’t care what the girl did to it. She cared about her soul getting to heaven to be with Jesus and the Father.

What a revelation from a ten year old. So don’t take my Jesus because heaven is my home.