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Too Tired To Give Up and Too Scared Not To Fight:Under Construction

I’m tired, so tired and scared
I want to rest but I don’t want to shut my mind off because I’ve fought too hard to live
I want peace and joy and an unstoppable drive
I want to laugh for the next decade to make up for all the tears I’ve cried
Grateful is an understatement when speaking of being alive
This has been a journey with an unexpected ride
So I will paint on my smile and hold my head high as I keep looking to my Father above
For only He knows my true heart and how I rest in His love
So tired, yet I will run on with a zest in my step
For God has me under construction and I have a lot of life left
Laugh with me on my good days and never lose your faith with me
This life is far from over thank God for all He is and all He made me to be