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London Bridge….

To hear of the tragedy that happened on the London bridge today was devasting. It took me back to my child hood and one of my favorite nursery rhymes was London Bridge is Falling Down. When I was four and five I would play my nursery rhyme record over and over again.  Then as I got older maybe around ten I would ask others why are nursery rhymes so violent and scarey. Even in college I would say that. As an adult I read up on the origin of the song and found several theories of its origination. One was the rebuilding of the bridge, one was about Queen Eluzabeth II passing and another about children. From that point on the song made me feel sad and I never played it for my daughters. Again today the words London Bridge is making me feel sad.

i can’t understand why we can’t all walk in love and treasure the preciousness of life itself. Why must we impose hurt and hate on others? Why can’t we live in love and freedom without fear? I’m sure in days to come investigations will uncover a motive for this event. However, the motive won’t take away the residuals left behind if this horrific event.

My prayers go out to all those in London and around the world hurting and affected by this event.