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Saying Good Bye Is Too Hard To Say Right Now. Love lives on

Today I learned that my cousin Mary passed away. It truly broke my heart. I feel like I was just getting to know her. I met her after my grandmother passed a couple of years ago. She was so sweet and encouraging. You could tell that every word she spoke came from a place of total unconditional love. Her departure was so unexpected to me and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. It put me in a space where I was asking the question why do the good go first? She was a beacon of love for all who knew her. I’m going to miss her responding to me on Facebook.

Life is so uncertain and an abrupt departure can truly break your heart and leave you feeling a little lost and uncertain of the future. But I truly believe that love crosses all barriers and that love never dies. Therefore, I won’t say good bye to you cousin Mary, instead I will say that I will see you later.

The Love Butterfly

there once was a beautiful butterfly with gorgeous blue wings

she would fly all around and you could hear her sing

she would fly around spreading love with each flutter of her wings

she always knew what to say and how to say it and made you feel like life was a dream

such a sweet butterfly with a quiet yet strong spirit that’s just who she was

just why she flew away so suddenly may never be understood

but I know she surely flew up to heaven just to rest for a while

for she was so busy spreading love she truly flew miles after miles

even though her gentle visual presence will be missed and tears will surely fall from those she left here

we will rejoice in anticiapatuin of seeing you again because surely heaven is near


Rest in Peace Cousin Mary. We love you