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Back to school prayer for our babies

It’s time for our babies to go back to school. We have to cover them daily in prayer. This year my prayer is including the teachers administrators cafe workers custodians and bus drivers. I pray that they understand how much power they have over our babies lives. I pray that they understand that their words and actions can make or break the spirit of our children. I pray that they don’t come in judging our kids but loving them unconditionally and giving 100% of themselves daily. I pray that they understand the seeds they are planting and how they can do and say things that can dig up seeds and stop fruit from growing. I pray they understand how serious their job is beyond those walls. May God remove any who will harm our babies and give strength to those who are in it for all the right reasons. God our babies need you daily and I pray that the blood covers every child every day and that nothing happens to hinder their joy or purpose.