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Accept, Tolerate and Regret

As humans we desire to be chosen, to be loved, and to be focused on. We can get impatient with waiting to be chosen, to be loved, and to be the focus of someone’s world. In our hurry to be chosen and to be loved we often end up with the wrong person. There are three words we should journal when we meet someone and while we are waiting. They are accept, tolerate, and regret. What we accept we often regret and most often when we think we are accepting things we are usually just tolerating them.

Accept-believe or come to recognize as valid or correct
Tolerate-allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of without interference
Regret- to feel sad, repentful, disappointed over something that has happened or been done

Looking over these words I saw how I had mistakenly considered myself accepting things my ex husband’s actions and/or words because I it was done so often I simply expected it. I was not genuinely tolerating his behaviors because I didn’t allow it to continue without interference. The interference came in the form of counseling or simple shutting down with him. Regret was the only true thing I felt and didn’t confuse with anything. I regretted that I had allowed myself to be in what was supposed to be a marriage.

I prided myself for staying there saying I was a good wife and I refused to neglect my wifely duties yet I made him just as miserable by trying to transform him into someone he was not capable of being. Eventually I moved into the trueness of acceptance. I finally believed and came to recognize his actions as valid and correct for who he was as a person and of his character.

We must be careful trying to rush being chosen by someone. We must believe that when someone shows us over and over again who they are that it is real and we can’t mold others into any form we so desire. Take your time and when you meet people think of these three words and know what you can truly accept and not just tolerate.

While you are waiting know that God chose you before you were even conceived, so you have been chosen.

Dr Lisa Melton


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Just One of Those Days

We all have days when it seems like every where we turn there is a road block, an obstacle, a valley or just plain opposition. It is those days when we find ourselves asking, “God where are you”? I think this is true for even seasoned christians. We even question our purpose and if we are really hearing from God.

It is how we react on these days that separate us from the world. We must remain faithful and walk in faith. We must quickly cast down those thoughts and find God’s words and say it ourselves until it is rooted in our hearts.

We must say:
God you said “you would never leave or forsake us” so I know you are right here carrying me
God you said “you know the plans you have for me and they are good”
God you said “you are my refuge”
God you said that “you will supply all of my needs”
God you said that “I would be first and not last”
God you said “ask and it will be given unto me”
God you said “eyes have not seen nor ears heard what you have in store for me”

We must not grow faint but we must hold on to God’s promises and walk in love and peace. Today no matter what stay encouraged. Remember the enemy is powerless against the blood of Jesus. The enemy tremors at the very name of Jesus. So if you feel yourself becoming discouraged today and you can’t find the time to quote scriptures to yourself at least call on the name of Jesus. He will see you through.

Be encouraged!

Dr Lisa Melton

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Story of Daniel

When we go to church we hear about the story of Daniel but it is usually about him and the lion’s den. You don’t always hear how he was friends with the three Hebrew boys who were thrown in the fiery furnace. Daniel’s entire story is one of amazement. He had so many ups and downs with having favor in waves and having his faith in God questioned and tested. Daniel was a man of integrity. He was faithful and unwavering. Regardless of what things looked like and what man did to Daniel he never doubted God. This is the type of faith we must have in this day and time. We must be unwavering and know without any doubt that God is going to bring us through.

The scripture below tells how Daniel was chosen to be before the king. You get to see a glimpse of Daniel’s physical appearance and you learn about his friends the Hebrew boys. From the physical description of Daniel he could have been arrogant because he was smart and handsome, yet he remained humble. He also surrounded himself with friends who had the same integrity, character and faith that he had. You should spend some time reading the story of Daniel and get to know him. You will gain strength and your faith will be increased by his story.

Daniel 1

Good News Translation (GNT)

3 The king ordered Ashpenaz, his chief official, to select from among the Israelite exiles some young men of the royal family and of the noble families. 4 They had to be handsome, intelligent, well-trained, quick to learn, and free from physical defects, so that they would be qualified to serve in the royal court. Ashpenaz was to teach them to read and write the Babylonian language. 5 The king also gave orders that every day they were to be given the same food and wine as the members of the royal court. After three years of this training they were to appear before the king. 6 Among those chosen were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, all of whom were from the tribe of Judah. 7 The chief official gave them new names: Belteshazzar, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

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Excerpt From My Book “Seasons in Life”

Here is an excerpt from my book. I am still running a special on it. Go to to get your copy today for only $2.99.


The Fall is a season when the earth reveals its vivid colors for all to see. Nature dresses itself in amazing colors just before the leaves fall and animals hibernate. This is also the season that prepares everything, including us, for the winter that is sure to follow. Fall is that moment in time when you have just enough strength to brace yourself for what is to come.

In the Bible there are many people who had their Fall season in a variety of ways. Moses’s Fall began with a directive from God: he was to lead his people out of Pharaoh’s bondage. Moses gave God all the reasons why he should not be chosen for this assignment. His Fall quickly changed to Winter due to the doubting and complaining of those whom he was leading. This surely was his Fall. I also consider this his Fall because this was at a time in his life when he didn’t see the value in himself or what he was capable of doing. Moses didn’t realize that he was an integral part of God’s plan for all eternity.

If you have ever read his story you know that his Fall surely became Winter. But through every season there was opposition and ultimately victory. We will discuss his winter later.

The story of Abram, whose name was changed to Abraham by God, held all the seasons of life as well. However, it is his summer that is preached about the most. However, before summer he went through many seasons. Abraham’s Fall was spent waiting on God’s word to come to pass. You see, Abraham and Sarah wanted a baby and while becoming weary in their waiting, they took matters into their own hands; these actions caused them to be stuck between Fall and Winter for many years.
This brings me to Noah. Noah also had a Fall season. His Fall came when he was directed to build the Ark. The Winter for him was when so many perished because they refused to take heed to what God had ordered Noah to tell them.

Thank God that seasons in our lives change. In everyday life seasons are not aligned in order as are the seasons of nature. In nature, after Winter must come Spring. In everyday life it seems that you can go from Winter to Summer in just minutes, or even overnight! These are times that amaze us; we consider these events miracles. Spiritually we know that the battle has been fought nonstop in the realms of heaven. These occurrences usually happen due to one or two things. You have either given it to God in total faith, or God is moving to build your faith in Him. Whatever the reason, we are thankful and grateful when things work out as we prayed they would.

Dr Lisa Melton

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The Comforter

When Jesus left he promised that he would send us he said he would send us a comforter that would never leave us. Therefore, on days when we feel all alone and there is no peace in sight we must remind ourselve that the Holy Spirit, the promised comforter, is right there with us every step of the way.

John 14:16 NKJ
And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—

John 14:16 NIV
And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—

Dr Lisa Melton

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God’s Promises to Us

God is truth and he gave us some promises that we can and must believe in. God’s word is alive and it will never return to him void.

1. God will supply all of our needs.
2. Grace is sufficient.
3. God will keep us from falling.
4. God has promised us victory over death if we are saved and born again.
5. All things work together for our good.
6. If we believe in our hearts that Jesus came and died for our sins and rose again we are saved.
7. Eternal life if we live in him.
8. Will give us rest when we are weary.
9. Has great plans for you a future and a hope.
10. Strength when you are weak.
11. If you listen to him you will have peace.
12. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

These are just a few of God’s promises to all of us. We have to meditate on the promises of God daily so that we will remain encouraged and keep our focus on God.

Dr Lisa Melton